Core 10 Favorites

March 22, 2020

I wanted to pop in today to share some of my favorite pieces from Amazon's athletic brand Core 10. I've talked about Core 10 on here and Instagram before but wanted to put everything in one place. This is especially timely because, like many of you, I am working from home for the foreseeable future and so that means lots of cozy clothes. I already had several things from them but ordered a few new things to up my #quarantinecozies game. I also have a few cute sweatsuits on the way from the Nordstrom sale which I'm excited about! 

Working from home, and just being at home all the time for that matter, has definitely been an adjustment. I miss my coworkers and actually miss getting dressed every day, but not enough to do my hair and makeup most days. Ha! I've just been trying to really focus on taking care of myself. I've been walking the dog daily, keeping up with my regular exercise routine, meditating, puzzling and have a therapy session on Tuesday which should be helpful. Anyway, let's get to it!
I just got both of these this week and have been wearing them nonstop. There are joggers that technically go with this sweatshirt that I ordered too but I liked these ones better. They're a little sporty but very comfortable. The best thing though is this sweatshirt. It's described as "cloud soft" and it could not be more accurate. It's sooo soft and has a little stretch which is nice. Highly recommend! 

I've had these joggers for months and they're the best. I've got several people buy them and everyone loves them. They're ultra-soft and hold up really well after lots of washing. I have them in two colors. 

I got both of these for tennis because I didn't have any athletic wear that was in good enough shape to be seen in public. I have these leggings in two colors and love them. They have pockets, are nice and thick and come up high on my waist. This quarter zip is really nice for working out too. It's lightweight and has thumb holes. 

I haven't had a bad experience with Core 10 yet. I've really liked everything that I bought from them and they're all at a good price point. 

Stay safe and stay sane friends! 

xo Catherine 

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