Holiday Style: Dressed Up Plaid

November 30, 2016

When I bought this top and this skirt a few weeks ago I knew immediately that I wanted to pair them together for an ultra-festive look. I know some people prefer to not be too literal with their holiday attire, but it's really the only time of year you can get away with wearing red and green together! I don't think this is overkill either because there's green in the skirt. Whatever your opinion, you can't say this outfit isn't festive! It would be perfect for an office holiday party. Just add some navy tights if you're in a colder climate.

Holiday Style: Green Sparkle

November 28, 2016

We made it past Thanksgiving and are officially on to holiday content! To kick it off I've put together this festive outfit from pieces you've seen before (here and here). I'm really happy with how the whole look came together. This outfit would be perfect for a holiday concert, or even NYE because #sparkle.

What to Wear for Every Holiday Scenario

November 21, 2016

Today I've got you covered with what to wear for every possible holiday scenario from cutting down the tree to lounging at home with the fam to a glamorous holiday party!

The Plaid Skirt

November 16, 2016

This skirt, guys. It is actual perfection. The best part is that it's great for the holidays, but when paired with neutrals it's not too festive so you can wear it during months other than December! I will be styling it for the holidays starting the Monday after Thanksgiving though, so be sure to check back for that. I'm so excited to be working on holiday content! I'm going to have so many great outfits planned that it will be hard to pick one to actually wear when the time comes ;) Can't wait to share with you!

Black and Blue

November 14, 2016

I feel like you guys must think I'm so boring because rarely do I have anything interesting to report back after the weekend😂. We're total homebodies so we're really content to hang out with Louie and a good movie. That pretty much sums up this weekend too. Well there was also the fun little trial run of having him sleep in bed with us and let me just tell you we won't be doing it again! Ha it really wasn't that bad, but just not very restful for anyone but Mark. One of my best friends is visiting next weekend though so I'm sure I'll have something more eventful to tell you about a week from now!

What to Wear to a Fall/Winter Wedding

November 11, 2016

Well, the good news is that we made it through the week, you guys. Even though this week sucked (doesn't even begin to describe it) and I'm sad and disappointed we still made it. We have a lot of healing to do, but we'll do what Americans do best and get through it. Don't want to get too political on you as this is supposed to be a happy space, but just felt like I had to say something.

Now, on to something a little bit more lighthearted (happy space!): what to wear to a fall or winter wedding. It seems as though many more couples are straying away from the "typical" months for weddings in favor of cooler months, which poses the question of what to wear. I've been to a few fall or winter weddings and I know they're trickier to dress for, so I wanted to share some inspiration with you today! I tried to find various price points and also various levels of formality in case it's a black tie wedding, or maybe it's even a Christmas party. Either way, I've got you covered with some seriously beautiful dresses!

Ultra Prep

November 9, 2016

I Finally Found a Blouse!

November 7, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things

November 4, 2016

You guys may notice that things look a little bit different around here today! There are still a few changes that I want to make as far as formatting and little details I want to fix. If you run into anything weird or have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

How I Asked My Bridesmaids

November 2, 2016

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm so excited about today's post because it features all of my favorite things. I recently asked my bridesmaids to be, well, my bridesmaids! 

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