I Finally Found a Blouse!

November 7, 2016

 Jeans: AG via Nordstrom. Top: J. Crew Factory. Shoes: BC Footwear. Necklace: J. Crew Factory. Clutch: Gap (similar). 
I'm not sure why but no matter what setting we shot these pictures in this top kept photographing as more of a teal when it's actually a true green IRL. Oh well. I'm so excited about this blouse though! I can't even tell you how long I've been looking for one. Yes, that's right I didn't have a single long sleeved blouse unless you count button downs, which I don't. I was really picky whenever I would try one on. The sleeves would be too billowy, or it was too sheer. That's the worst in my opinion because I hate having to wear something underneath tops. So I was pretty pumped when I came across this one at J. Crew Factory. I kind of want to buy it in every color!

I also want to point out these jeans. These are the fanciest jeans I've ever owned. I could never pull the trigger on designer jeans for some reason, even though you wear them every day for years it didn't seem worth it. My friend and I call designer jeans "cloud jeans" because they're always insanely comfy and feel like you're wearing clouds. That alone made these worth it! Also, I snagged them for almost half off. #yas

Hope you had a great weekend! Things were very low key around these parts.
xo Catherine 


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