How I Asked My Bridesmaids

November 2, 2016

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm so excited about today's post because it features all of my favorite things. I recently asked my bridesmaids to be, well, my bridesmaids! 

I know it's not necessary to do the whole cutesy will you be my bridesmaid thing, but I wanted to do something fun that would make my girls feel special. 
The first step was obviously wine :) I wanted to give them something that they could actually enjoy and use, so wine was a must. I found these cute labels on Etsy. I loved these but there were a ton of other cute options to choose from! It was a little tricky to get the original label off of the bottle. I soaked them in warm water and then used goo gone but still couldn't quite get everything off. Oh well. The labels were pretty easy to put on, but I managed to screw up my sister's pictured above 😂
The next step was cute wine glasses so they could enjoy their wine in style! I turned to my favorite store World Market for these beautiful gold glasses.
Up next was candy. I wanted to include something sweet to go with the wine, and while chocolate was probably the obvious pairing I couldn't resist the champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina. They're a little extravagant, but that way I knew they would probably never buy them for themselves! Also, we're celebrating so a touch of champagne seemed fitting. 
The last and most important piece was a card where I just told them how much them meant to me and how special my wedding day will be if they're by my side!

I decided to ship everything to my gals because I know how much fun getting mail is. Also, I was impatient and didn't want to wait until I see them next! I used a ton of tissue paper, and also these were clutch for shipping the wine. 

I'm so happy they all said yes and I just know they're going to make the day that much more special!!

xo Catherine

Here's a bonus puppy pic :)

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