Week in Review

March 30, 2013

Happy almost Easter! I know I've been slacking lately on the blogging. Fear not, I've been taking plenty of pictures this past week to document some of the Fun things I've been up to!

Target is having a BOGO 50% off on shoes right now, so how could I resist? I stocked up on flats since mine have taken a beating recently from puddles...

I continued to grow my lipstick collection this week, adding orange and fuchsia!

$10 at JCPenny's. Starting to really love that place.

Went for a stroll on Saint Anthony Main. After borrowing a good Friend's trench coat I was inspired to purchase one of my own...

Had a BLT <3

I had lunch (and a chocolate croissant) at one of my top 10 favorite restaurants Bread and Chocolate. 

I reunited with my wonderful boyFriend :)

A sunny day in beautiful Minneapolis. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Can't wait to see all the Easter Fashion tomorrow! 

Here's to the Sun

March 25, 2013

Can I just say, I am loving this weather. Cheers to this wonderful day and the days of 40 degrees in the near future. Here's the sunny outfit I wore to pick up my wonderful boyFriend from the airport on Saturday (yes he's finally here and I am a happy girl).

I love these new cropped pants from Banana Republic! So perfect for spring. Belt: Target (old). Chambray: J. Crew. Shoes: Target (old). Sunnies: Target. Watch: Fossil. Bracelet: J. Crew.

I hope you're all loving today as much as I am!

Hair Do

March 21, 2013

Hello lovlies! Today is a good day, for three reasons: "Forever" by Chris Brown played on the radio while I was driving (yes, I still like love this song), I finally got a hair cut after weeks of hating my hair aaaaand I got a manicure with my mom :) all-in-all lovely. Since I got a hair cut and am in love with it I decided to take some selfies. No judging...

Also, this chambray is new ;) Chambray: J. Crew. Scarf: from a friend's purse party! Watch: Fossil. Bracelet: J. Crew.

I decided that despite this horrible winter weather (here's looking at you below freezing days in March) that it's time for spring nail polish! What better way to start it off than with one of my favorites by OPI, Cajun Shrimp. 

Please forgive me for all the selfies!

Shout Out

March 20, 2013

I apologize again for the sporadic posting lately, I don't know what's gotten in to me! However, I've been spending quite a bit of time in downtown Minneapolis lately. I feel like I'm continually falling in love with this city. I love discovering new restaurants or shops to try. Minneapolis is charming and charismatic, the perfect place to call home (I'll admit I'm rather biased). Anyways, a friend of mine takes absolutely gorgeous photos of Minneapolis, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. Her name is Megan and you can find some of her awesome pictures by following her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/megancorkery
I think these pictures will speak for themselves in explaining why I love it here.

I love Saint Anthony Main..soo pretty in the fall!

Megan has a knack for taking pictures that capture the beauty of our city!  Follow her on Instagram! http://instagram.com/megancorkery

Take a Peek...

March 15, 2013

I've seen this done in magazines and on other blogs before so I thought I'd have a go at it! For whatever reason I love knowing what other people keep in their purses...must be a girl thing. So if you've ever wondered what I keep stowed with me at all times, keep reading! (I chose to leave out some of the less glamourous things such as an Epi-Pen and kleenex.) Here to demonstrate is my pride and joy: the lovely coral Kate Spade.

Let's take a closer look at my favorite goodies!
1. iPhone with J. Crew case. Hate to admit it, but this hardly leaves my side.
2. Small journal from Target. I like always having something with me to write down thoughts and inspirations. It's filled with favorite quotes, lists of songs to buy/restaurants to try etc.
3. eos "Lemon Drop" lip balm.
4. Hand sanitizer--I've been slightly overdoing it with this.
5. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets, aka: a girl's best friend.
6. Original Kindle. This was a gift I have come to appreciate very much. Love taking my stories with me!
7. Sephora mini mirror.

1. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. Absolutely love this scent--wear it almost every day!
2. Johnson's baby powder for quick hair touch ups! Absorbs grease.
3. Various lip balms: Burt's Bees with pomegranate and Classic ChapStick. You can probably tell I love me some lip balm.
4. Mini Advil. This is a must.
5. Car keys + keychain with pictures of us from the boyFriend!

1. Buss pass and Gopher season basketball ticket!
2. Revlon Matte "Smoked Peach" lipstick. The perfect neutral.
3. Apartment keys + Vera Bradley wallet for ID etc.
4. Favorite hair clip.

1. Johnson's Lavender and Chamomile Lotion. Love this stuff, plus it comes in the dollar section at target--bonus!
2. Business cards. Never know when a networking opportunity will present itself!
3. Fossil Wallet.
4. Gift cards for various favorite places.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into the deep contents of my purse!

Have a lovely weekend --Catherine

Mix and Match

March 13, 2013

Hello lovlies! I apologize for my lack of posting lately...haven't had much excitement or inspiration lately. As said before I'm trying to mix up my outfits so again today I did a little pattern mixing. You know me though, nothing too crazy.

This is about as crazy as I get!

I feel like I am saying this constantly, buuut I am aching for spring and the pastels that it brings with it! Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Tank Top: Gap (old). Cardigan: Loft (old). Chain Bracelet: J. Crew. Orange Bracelet: Target.


March 10, 2013

This past weekend I finally visited Madison. Since coming to college I have been hearing about it nonstop from friends who go to school there and from my Wisconsinite roommates. I have to say, it was really cute! It had a slightly Uptown-esque feel to it with lots of unique restaurants and shops. Whilst in Madison I visited a few Friends:
It was so great to see where they've been living and catch up!

While I did visit Friends, I have to be honest...this weekend was packed, packed I tell you, with Food. I feel like all I did all weekend was eat! Some of the highlights were: brioche french toast from Marigold in Madison, a home-cooked breakfast of waffles, bacon and hash-browns aaaaand:
 Flour-less cake from Bluephies in Madison!
All in all, a wonderful weekend! There's just something about going away that makes you love home that much more, so it's great to be back. Let's hope this week flys by to Spring Break!

On a side note...how wonderful was SNL last night?! I cannot get enough of JT right now! Can't wait for Justin Timberweek on Late Night.

Spring at Target

March 7, 2013

Spring is in full swing at Target right now, which means my innate crave to shop is kicking in. Just thought I'd post about a few horrible, and lovely, things I've noticed in stores recently.

Here we have baroque hammer pants. I kid you not, that's what these are:
They even come in slimming black...check out that elastic waistband:

It's bad enough they've made graphic sweaters, but now graphic sweater tank tops? This must be put to an end.

On another note, the 1960's are reappearing:

Speaking of the '60's, Banana Republic has launched another limited edition Mad Men line. Here are a few things I've got my eye on for after Easter...

                                                                  Banana Republic

These days, whenever I'm looking at clothes I picture myself strolling the London streets, or other various European streets in them. Can't wait!

What's New

March 5, 2013

What's new, you ask? Not a whole lot of excitement to report in the midst of this awful winter weather. So I've decided to take it upon myself to create new things in my life (mostly Fashion related). As I said before, I am trying to beat the winter blues with new outfits. On a tangent, I tried some new accessories and hair styles.

I tried a new hairstyle, well not really new, but new to me since cutting my hair! I tried a top knot and it finally all fits (with about seven bobby pins), but nonetheless exciting.

Also, I bought a purple lipstick a few months ago that I've never really tried (yes, that's right, purple). I bought it hoping it would be a nice plum color, but alas it turned out to be slightly Katy Perry-esque. So last night I put that on for a bit of fun.
I kind of like it...though it makes me long for sunnier days.

Not necessarily new, but new this year, I had a fleeting glimpse of spring over the weekend when I was able to wear flats.
Well that was a fast bit of fun...now I'm stuck with these:
Here's hoping for warmer weather!

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