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March 5, 2013

What's new, you ask? Not a whole lot of excitement to report in the midst of this awful winter weather. So I've decided to take it upon myself to create new things in my life (mostly Fashion related). As I said before, I am trying to beat the winter blues with new outfits. On a tangent, I tried some new accessories and hair styles.

I tried a new hairstyle, well not really new, but new to me since cutting my hair! I tried a top knot and it finally all fits (with about seven bobby pins), but nonetheless exciting.

Also, I bought a purple lipstick a few months ago that I've never really tried (yes, that's right, purple). I bought it hoping it would be a nice plum color, but alas it turned out to be slightly Katy Perry-esque. So last night I put that on for a bit of fun.
I kind of like it...though it makes me long for sunnier days.

Not necessarily new, but new this year, I had a fleeting glimpse of spring over the weekend when I was able to wear flats.
Well that was a fast bit of fun...now I'm stuck with these:
Here's hoping for warmer weather!

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