Little Things

March 1, 2013

I spent part of my day today studying for one of multiple midterms in the coming week at Caribou. One thing I love about Caribou: their cups. Their cups inspired me to make a list (my favorite!) of my favorite things in life/life's simple pleasures:

1. Taking an uninterrupted nap.
2. Running errands alone.
3. Walking through a puddle with no hesitation because you're wearing rain boots.
4. Doing something special for the ones you love.
5. Being told, "I'm proud of you."
6. Smells that bring back fond memories.
7. Trying your hand at family recipes.
8. Compliments, giving or receiving.
9. Being in love.
10. Singing in the car.
11. Closing your eyes and feeling the sun.
12. Strolling through Target.
13. Being excited to go home and read.
14. Taking your hair down/unpinning your hair.
15. Doing homework somewhere other than your desk.
16. Trying new hair or beauty products.
17. A fresh coat of nail polish.
18. When your dog greets you with enthusiasm at the door.
19. Getting mail.
20. Talking to your mom. She somehow makes everything better.

I try to never forget how simply wonderful my life is.

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