Things I Like Vol. 32

November 29, 2017

Are you getting through the week okay? I'm sure as hell struggling after those wonderful four days off. We're halfway-ish through though! Now that we're in the full swing of the Christmas season that's helping to cheer me :) these fabulous things from around the web are doing that as well! Let's check em out, shall we?

Casual Glam Holiday Look

November 27, 2017

Casual glam sounds a bit like an oxymoron but I think it perfectly describes this outfit! The flat mules are casual and the vest lends itself to a more casual vibe minus the fur. Then you've got the sparkle and the rich burgundy color so it's a little bit glam too! It's kind of perfect if you have a more casual holiday party. I don't know about you but I'm invited to pretty much no fancy holiday parties (much to my dismay) so more casual looks are usually up my alley. And I always need to remind myself that holiday looks don't necessarily require any red or green. I usually prefer some red or green in there but gold will always suffice at creating a holiday-worthy outfit!

Things I Like Vol. 31

November 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday/Friday! I am so ready for this holiday weekend. I think I've already mentioned it but Mark and I decided to stay in California for Thanksgiving and we're going to try making the whole meal ourselves for the first time. It should be interesting! I'm excited for a relaxing weekend filled with lots of (hopefully) delicious foods and an excess of online shopping. Now let's get to the Things I Like below because we all know you're not working the day before a four day weekend ;)

New Hair + Favorite New Sweater

November 20, 2017

I cut my hair! I have been waiting to cut it since approximately September 3rd 2016 when we got engaged and I realized I'd have to grow it out for an updo. It feels so good to be back to short again :) that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. I also had brunch with a girlfriend, did our Thanksgiving shopping and finished our thank you notes! Speaking of Thanksgiving, this would be the perfect outfit for the occasion. It's the perfect color, it's comfy and the sweater underneath is sleeveless. That's perfect for when you inevitably get hot because parties always get hot! I realize that this cardigan may not be the most flattering thing (the dropped shoulders aren't helping) but it's my new favorite. I love the color and it's basically a robe. I may have worn it every day this weekend around the house like a robe :)

My Wedding Dress Saga

November 17, 2017

All professional photos by Gina Zeidler (she's the best and even keeps fancy hangers like the one above in her car!)

I had a lot of ups and downs with my wedding dress and wanted to share the story (because I couldn't for so long!) in case anyone else can relate. I did end up loving my dress on the day of my wedding but there were moments of doubt and frustration that led up to that beautiful day. 

We're told that our wedding dresses need to be perfect and that it's the most important item of clothing you'll ever wear. That's a lot of pressure for one dress! I'm here to tell you that it's not the end of the world if your dress isn't *perfect*. So here is my wedding dress saga...and yes, that may sound dramatic but it certainly was a journey­čśť

Things I Like Vol. 30

November 15, 2017

Does it feel like a Thursday to anyone else? All week I've been thinking it was another day. I wonder if it's the mounting anticipation of the short holiday week next week? Maybe it's the time change too...I can't adjust at night to when I should be going to bed. I always feel ready around 8pm ­čś│ Anywho, that's about all that's going on with me lol just can't keep my days straight over here.  On to the links!

Put a Bow on It

November 13, 2017

It's been a minute since I last shared an outfit post, hasn't it? It feels good to be back! I wasn't shopping for most of October since we had so much going on so now I'm excited to make some fall wardrobe updates. I wore this outfit out for a casual date night on Friday with my husband :) still not over saying that! Back to the outfit: I kind of feel like Michael Jackson with the leather jacket and bow on the sweater but I'm not mad about it. I really love how this outfit turned out and it's kind of the perfect mix of masculine and feminine details.

My Napa Bachelorette Party

November 10, 2017

So excited to finally be sharing all of the photos from my Napa bachelorette party! I was waiting for my Progressive article to be published before I shared all of the details. As you may have seen the goal was to throw a very Instagrammable party. I know that sounds dumb but it basically just meant there were a lot of fun and cute details. My sister helped a ton with the planning but I did a lot of it too because I'm a tad controlling­čśç. So scroll on down to see more!

Things I Like Vol. 29

November 8, 2017

It's Wednesday and I have a new Things I Like up on the right day, all is right in the world. In all honesty I'm still all messed up on my days. I've enjoyed being home and back in routines but getting back into the work mentality is a struggle. Anyway, here we go!

Our Honeymoon

November 6, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to our honeymoon recap! For those of you that don't know we spent a week in Puerto Vallarta the week after our wedding. You may remember that we had some trouble trying to decide where to go. Ultimately we decided on Mexico because it's relatively inexpensive (compared to the places we originally looked at like Fiji and Hawaii) and it's close. After talking it through we realized we wanted a super relaxing honeymoon where we basically just lounged around, ate and drank. So it didn't make much sense to spend a lot and travel somewhere far away just to not leave the hotel. We'll save that for another time! We had also toyed around with the idea of delaying the honeymoon but we're both really happy we had that week to recharge after the wedding and delay going back to reality. So, now that you've read the longwinded backstory, here are some snaps and thoughts about our week in Mexico!

Things I Like Vol. 28

November 3, 2017

Dress is here and it's $30 and so good!

Hi! Long time no talk. We are back from our honeymoon and already back to work and reality. It's been rough. I was so good at honeymooning, I think I might just do it full time ;) In all honesty we had such a great time and I'll share more on Monday! As far as our wedding goes, it was just the best. You can get a sneak peek at a few photos on my Instagram if you'd like. I plan to share a ton of photos and do several posts about wedding things. I hope that's okay with you guys! My wedding content always performs well so I get the feeling you're interested :) Now, I know it's not Wednesday but I have some links I've been collecting and didn't want to wait until next week to share. So here were are mixing it up with Thing I Like on a Friday.

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