Things I Like Vol. 31

November 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday/Friday! I am so ready for this holiday weekend. I think I've already mentioned it but Mark and I decided to stay in California for Thanksgiving and we're going to try making the whole meal ourselves for the first time. It should be interesting! I'm excited for a relaxing weekend filled with lots of (hopefully) delicious foods and an excess of online shopping. Now let's get to the Things I Like below because we all know you're not working the day before a four day weekend ;)

1. So drunk yoga is a thing.

3. Lots of retailers have already started their big Black Friday sales and the #1 thing on my list right now are these sequin drop earrings. Talk about perfect for the holidays! 

4. Going to try and make Stacie's pumpkin pie this year, leafs and all!

5. Obama wished Joe Biden a happy birthday with an Obama/Biden meme and all is right in the world and OMG can they just come back already?!

6. Did you see any of Mackenzie's wedding week posts? Her wedding was stunning and the details were all so well thought out!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend!
xo Catherine 

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