Our Honeymoon

November 6, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to our honeymoon recap! For those of you that don't know we spent a week in Puerto Vallarta the week after our wedding. You may remember that we had some trouble trying to decide where to go. Ultimately we decided on Mexico because it's relatively inexpensive (compared to the places we originally looked at like Fiji and Hawaii) and it's close. After talking it through we realized we wanted a super relaxing honeymoon where we basically just lounged around, ate and drank. So it didn't make much sense to spend a lot and travel somewhere far away just to not leave the hotel. We'll save that for another time! We had also toyed around with the idea of delaying the honeymoon but we're both really happy we had that week to recharge after the wedding and delay going back to reality. So, now that you've read the longwinded backstory, here are some snaps and thoughts about our week in Mexico!

Well first we started at the Mall of America. I know #LOL. Apparently Mexico isn't popular in October and there was only one flight a day to Puerto Vallarta and it was at 7:30 AM so no way no how were we making that the day after our wedding. We decided to leave on Monday and stay close to the airport. But what would we do to entertain ourselves for a whole day on Sunday? Head to MOA of coursešŸ˜‚ We figured when else would we stay at the Mall of America (yes there are hotels) so we said why not. We were actually pretty excited to enjoy it and joked about doing things like our first roller coaster and first time at the Rainforest Cafe as a married couple. While we did do both of those things it was lacking a little bit of our original enthusiasm because we were just so tired
We arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Monday to some hot and humid weather. It was exciting to get there because it was our first international flight together and we got to fill our our customs form as one household. Yay we're married! We first stayed at Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel (our view is pictured above). We had worked with a travel agent and she recommended staying at two places during our trip so that we wouldn't get bored. 

Villa Premiere was pretty small so we quickly understood why she recommended the two locations. There's only one restaurant for dinner every night and that would probably get old after a week. However, the food was fantastic. They did mix it up all three nights we were there and we thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate. The property was beautiful and we had a room with a beautiful view and a private hot tub. It was a little too hot to use it though :( 
Our biggest issue with Villa Premiere was that because it was so small everyone knew each other and were very chatty. They were all very nice but we weren't really looking to socialize because #introverts. We would chat with people occasionally but were pretty happy to leave and move on to a bigger resort where we could be more anonymous. After three days we hopped over to Secrets just down the road.
We spent pretty much all of our days laying by the pool or beach and eating and drinking. PiƱa coladas for me and Pacificos for Mark. I think we probably each gained 5 lbs! We got our money's worth out of the all inclusivešŸ˜‚ We also got massages at both locations and Secrets had a huge spa with a big hydrotherapy section that was fun to try out. Other than that I finished two books and it was just so nice to relax.
It would be really hard to say which location we liked better because they were pretty different. Secrets was nice because it had several restaurants to choose from and it was fun to try different ones and get dressed up every night. Whereas Villa Premiere was more casual and only had one restaurant. Secrets also had nightly entertainment which was fun to have something to do. We fell into a bit of a routine during our week where I'd wakeup first and read on the balcony (gotta love being able to hear the ocean while reading a good book), then we'd head to breakfast followed by a few hours of lounging by the pool or beach, then we'd head up to our room around 4 PM for a nap and then get dinner around 7 PM. The nightly entertainment started at 9 PM so we'd go to that and then head back to our room and watch Stranger Things. It was very us and so perfect :)

The one special event we had planned was a private beach dinner where our waiter got us to take this slightly awkward photo :)
We both had a great time relaxing and personally I was so pleasantly surprised by how pretty Puerto Vallarta was. I had been to Cabo earlier this year and for some reason just thought it would be similar because they're both on the west coast. I was so wrong! Puerto Vallarta and very lush and green and tropical and the water is a really pretty blue. I'd highly recommend. I can't say anything about the downtown since we were lazy and didn't leave the hotels but everyone raved about how fun downtown is. Maybe we'll go back when we're not recovering from a wedding and we'll venture out but for now we're happy to be home with Lou. We missed him so much!

Well if you made it this far, congrats! We just had such a good time the words poured out :)

Have a great Monday!
xo Catherine 

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