Things I Like Vol. 28

November 3, 2017

Dress is here and it's $30 and so good!

Hi! Long time no talk. We are back from our honeymoon and already back to work and reality. It's been rough. I was so good at honeymooning, I think I might just do it full time ;) In all honesty we had such a great time and I'll share more on Monday! As far as our wedding goes, it was just the best. You can get a sneak peek at a few photos on my Instagram if you'd like. I plan to share a ton of photos and do several posts about wedding things. I hope that's okay with you guys! My wedding content always performs well so I get the feeling you're interested :) Now, I know it's not Wednesday but I have some links I've been collecting and didn't want to wait until next week to share. So here were are mixing it up with Thing I Like on a Friday.

1. Briony is someone I've followed for years and I really loved this piece she wrote about how you can be stylish and intelligent. I agree with this 100%. Being into fashion and beauty can feel frivolous at times but that doesn't negate my intelligence in any way. Thank you, Briony for writing!

2. So fried chicken pants are a thing. I'll leave it at that. 

3. I knew I was on to something with how much I talk to Louie😏 apparently talking to your pets is a sign of intelligence

4. What choosing a window seat on an airplane says about you😂 Mark is a window seat guy but I'm aisle all the way. It makes me too anxious to be trapped in by strangers. I was so excited because my flight home to MN was empty and I had the whole row to myself so I sat in the window which I never get to do!

5. Loved this couple's unique tradition that they say has attributed to their happy marriage. 

6. I was pretty much dying when I saw all of the hoopla over Android's cheeseburger emoji. Sometimes you've just got to love the internet. 

That's all for today! This has been the longest short week of my life so I'm counting down the minutes until it's the weekend. It's supposed to cool off and be rainy so I'm excited to do some serious lounging...and thank you note writing!

Have a good one!

xo Catherine 


  1. Oh my gosh you look so chic, Catherine!! I hope you had an amazing honeymoon!

    Baubles to Bubbles


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