MN Fashion Week

September 27, 2013

This is what I wore to MN Fashion week last night. It was my first time going to a runway show, so that was fun to see! Also, the venue Aria, was really cool. 

Shoes: Primark (from London, similar here). Skirt: Target. Sweater: Zara (old). Bracelet: Charlotte Russe. Watch: Fossil. Purse: Phillip Lim for Target. Necklace: J. Crew

xo Catherine

A big thanks to Emma for taking these pictures and to Mary for helping me decide what to wear!

Men React: Overalls

September 26, 2013

Images Via: 1/2
Yes, you read that right. This week I polled the Men React Panel about overalls. You're probably asking yourself, "Didn't overalls die with the '90's?" Think again, my friend. The '90's are back. Overalls, crop tops and plaid are going to be all over the place in the coming months. You're probably surprised that overalls are back in style, but I doubt if you'll be surprised by men's reaction to them:

"This look screams, "Look at me! I'm fashionable!" If highbrow fashion is a thing, overalls would fall within its breadth."

"What am I looking at?"

"They're attractive in a very startling, slightly repulsive yet totally awesome, kind of way."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please no. Overalls stop being acceptable apparel after age 3."

"From practical use on the farm to 5th Ave. Proof fashion has no boundaries."

"The trend died for a reason."

"Overalls as a fashion statement? Seriously? I like them if you're going to an apple orchard or a hay ride, but otherwise....I pass."

For me, this is an example of choosing which trends to hop on board with. Though overalls are back, you will not see me rocking a pair anytime soon.

Thanks for reading, and a huge thanks to the guys for their input!

xo Catherine


September 24, 2013

I knocked off another one of my 20 niceties this weekend. I've always seen these prepackaged bags of non perishable food at grocery stores and so I finally bought one and donated it to a food shelf:

Thanks for reading!

xo Catherine


Over the weekend I recruited some ladies to accompany me to Feed My Starving Children where we packaged over 27,000 meals. This means that we will feed 75 kids for a year. That's so crazy to me that two hours of my time could do all of that!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the original 20 While I'm 20 post to explain. 

Thanks so much for reading!

xo Catherine


September 23, 2013

 Why yes, that is a Phillip Lim for Target purse on my arm :) So happy to have snapped this little baby up! I can't believe how fast they sold out! Utter craziness. 

Purse: Phillip Lim for Target. Scarf: from a market in Italy (similar here). Watch: Fossil. Shirt: Zara (similar). Jeans: Gap. Shoes: Target. Sunglasses: Amazon

Thanks so much for reading and thank you to Mark for taking these!

xo Catherine

Fabulous Fall Finds

September 20, 2013

1. Love this ASOS sweater. Especially the leather details. Very similar to the practically sold out J. Crew Merino sweater. 
2. I have been searching for the perfect black suede boot and have found it in these J. Crew beauties. The only problem is the price tag, but they are having their 25% off sale...
3. Pretty ASOS clutch (there's a lot of ASOS on here because I just scoured their website).
4. I don't know what my deal is, maybe it's wanting to find my inner Carrie Bradshaw, but I seriously want something faux fur. This ASOS snood is definitely in the running. 
5. Love these blogger-trending Vince pumps. 
6. Perfect for this fall with its leather elbow patches! J. Crew.
7. More faux fur love from ASOS
8. I have a pair of short L.L. Bean rain boots that I love and got a ton of use out of last winter. I'd love to add a classic pair of Hunter's to my collection (paired with these of course)!
9. This new arrival skirt at J. Crew is just stunning. So beautiful. 

Is it bad that I already want to start making a Christmas list, and put all of these things on it? 

xo Catherine

Men React: Turtlenecks

September 19, 2013

(I promise that says "turtlenecks" and not "tuttlenecks")
Images via:" 1/2

It's Thursday--you know what that means: another round of Men React! This week the panel was asked about turtlenecks. Now, I know what you're thinking: these have been around forever, how can this be a trend? True, but they're making a comeback this fall, so expect to see more of them. In my opinion, turtlenecks have a bad rep and have connotations of either children or the elderly. When done well, turtlenecks are can be chic (see above). Not only are they cute and cozy, but they're functional, hello, sweater and scarf all in one! Well, I know you're dying to know what guys think of these. Ask and you shall receive, my friend:

Let's hear more specifically what the panel thinks of turtlenecks:

"Unless being used to cover up a hickey, may turtlenecks rest in peace with Steve Jobs." (Seriously, aren't these guys just the greatest?)

"As a casual look, turtlenecks can be sexy in the same way that a pretty girl in a sweatshirt is sexy. But it's difficult to look beyond the turtleneck's dorky reputation."

"I am weirdly attracted to female necks. So Covering them up would just ruin so many things for me."

"I like them generally, but it can be a hit or miss, depending on the rest of the girl's outfit"

"Please no."

"Nothing like a crisp fall day and a hot girl in a turtleneck." (Well said, my friend, well said.)

Thanks again for reading, and a huge thank you to these men for helping a girl out!

xo Catherine

Fall is Here!

September 17, 2013

Fall basically dropped out of no where here in Minneapolis, but you won't hear me complaining :)

Chambray: J. Crew. Necklace: J. Crew. Skirt: Banana Republic (similar). Clutch: Gap. Tights: Target. Pumps: Target.

xo Catherine

Anniversary Attire

September 16, 2013

 Mark and I celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night. We went out for a dinner cruise on the St. Croix. I'm so happy that he was home!

Dress: Gap. Clutch: Gap. Necklaces: J. Crew and J. Crew Factory (on sale!). Pumps: Target.

xo Catherine

Men React: Pattern Mixing

September 12, 2013

Images: 1/2.
Here's a trend that I was very curious to see how the Men React Panel would respond to: pattern mixing. It's one of my favorite trends as seen here, here, here and here. Well the results were pretty evenly split, with "I don't like it" winning by a few percent:

Here are some specific things that the guys had to say:

"Pick a style and stick with it."

"I love the taste of extra-virgin olive oil. I'm also partial to Raisin Bran. But please...not at the same time." (Seriously thank you to whoever said this--so great!)

"It can be fun or it can be too much."

"I think this idea is really cool. I think it says a lot about a girl's confidence if she is going to pick her own patterns like this and not really care about the "typical" rules of matching."

"Where am I supposed to look?"

"I can see in certain circumstances this going horribly wrong."

I have to agree that there is a lot of potential for disaster and not all patterns can be mixed...but I still love it and think it's fabulous!

xo Catherine


September 11, 2013

I can't decide whether this shirt is polka dotted or dalmatian, so I'm going with dalmatian. Can't complain though, I got it for $9! 

My new necklace came yesterday!

Shirt: LOFT (similar). Shorts: Old Navy (old, similar here). Sandals: Target (very old). Purse: Topshop (sold out). Necklaces: J. Crew and J. Crew

Photos by my fab boyfriend!

xo Catherine

Guest Stars

September 9, 2013

My lovely sister snapped some pictures of my outfit after we had lunch for her birthday with our mom yesterday. They even consented to make some guest appearances ;) Also, I never realized how short this dress is...maybe it's time to retire it!

Dress: Old Navy (so so old, similar here), Belt: Target, Shoes: Target (similar here), Purse: Topshop (sold out), Earrings: Francesca's, Bracelets: J. Crew and Charlotte Russe (similar). 

xo Catherine

Men React: Maxi Dresses

September 4, 2013

Image via.
Ever wondered what men think of the most comfortable garment to ever grace the planet, aka the maxi dress? Good news, they approve!

This week I did a something a little different when polling my Men React Panel. Upon request, I added a comment portion to the survey. Therefore, I got a lot more feedback about what men specifically like or don't like about maxi dresses. However, now that I have changed the formatting their answers are anonymous. Let's see what they had to say!

"It's not a very polished look. I feel like it makes girls look like they don't care."

"They just look super breezy and comfortable. I don't know why women wouldn't like them. Plus I love a girl that doesn't feel the need to constantly show off her body with skinny apparel. It's refreshing in more than one way :)"

"I feel like they are really hit or miss. Some I love, others I don't like at all."

"They're kind of boring..It doesn't really grab my attention at all."

"Solid summertime dress -- but beware of underwear lines, ladies!"

"Maxi dresses are both provocative and elegant because they emphasize curves without being too revealing. I think it's sexy when a woman is confident in her ability to catch my attention without putting everything on the table."

There were two words that kept surfacing over and over again throughout the comments: effortless and classy. Couldn't have said it better myself!

Let me know if there are any trends you're dying to poll the Panel about!

xo Catherine

This Summer I...

September 3, 2013

Seeing as today is the first day of school (boo) I thought I would do a little recap of my craziest/busiest/best summer yet:

I traveled to London to study and intern with my sister:

I had the best day of my life at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio:

I saw Kate Middleton on my birthday at her last public appearance before the baby!

I crossed off two things from my bucket list. Shopping at Harrods and seeing Stonehenge:

I celebrated my 20th birthday in London (and vowed to do 20 nice things while I'm 20):

I went to Wimbledon:

I fell in love with London and got to spend time there with my fabulous mother and sister.

I spent a week in France between Nice and Paris:

I tried my first ever macaroon:

I spent three weeks visiting my guy in California:

We visited San Francisco:

We saw the redwood trees:

We went to Carmel-by-the-Sea:

We visited Santa Cruz:

We drove around California in this beauty:

I went to Boston for a wedding:

And then visited Maine:

I saw many movies including: Lee Daniels' The Butler, Blue Jasmine, The Great Gatsby, The Spectacular Now, Blackfish, The Way Way Back, Despicable Me 2

I went to my cabin for the first time in three years:

I read 13 books, including all seven of the Harry Potter series.

I started a new blog series called Men React.

I started a new job.

All in all, it was a pretty wonderful summer spent with equally wonderful people.

Happy First Day of School!

xo Catherine 

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