Men React: Maxi Dresses

September 4, 2013

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Ever wondered what men think of the most comfortable garment to ever grace the planet, aka the maxi dress? Good news, they approve!

This week I did a something a little different when polling my Men React Panel. Upon request, I added a comment portion to the survey. Therefore, I got a lot more feedback about what men specifically like or don't like about maxi dresses. However, now that I have changed the formatting their answers are anonymous. Let's see what they had to say!

"It's not a very polished look. I feel like it makes girls look like they don't care."

"They just look super breezy and comfortable. I don't know why women wouldn't like them. Plus I love a girl that doesn't feel the need to constantly show off her body with skinny apparel. It's refreshing in more than one way :)"

"I feel like they are really hit or miss. Some I love, others I don't like at all."

"They're kind of boring..It doesn't really grab my attention at all."

"Solid summertime dress -- but beware of underwear lines, ladies!"

"Maxi dresses are both provocative and elegant because they emphasize curves without being too revealing. I think it's sexy when a woman is confident in her ability to catch my attention without putting everything on the table."

There were two words that kept surfacing over and over again throughout the comments: effortless and classy. Couldn't have said it better myself!

Let me know if there are any trends you're dying to poll the Panel about!

xo Catherine

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