Fabulous Fall Finds

September 20, 2013

1. Love this ASOS sweater. Especially the leather details. Very similar to the practically sold out J. Crew Merino sweater. 
2. I have been searching for the perfect black suede boot and have found it in these J. Crew beauties. The only problem is the price tag, but they are having their 25% off sale...
3. Pretty ASOS clutch (there's a lot of ASOS on here because I just scoured their website).
4. I don't know what my deal is, maybe it's wanting to find my inner Carrie Bradshaw, but I seriously want something faux fur. This ASOS snood is definitely in the running. 
5. Love these blogger-trending Vince pumps. 
6. Perfect for this fall with its leather elbow patches! J. Crew.
7. More faux fur love from ASOS
8. I have a pair of short L.L. Bean rain boots that I love and got a ton of use out of last winter. I'd love to add a classic pair of Hunter's to my collection (paired with these of course)!
9. This new arrival skirt at J. Crew is just stunning. So beautiful. 

Is it bad that I already want to start making a Christmas list, and put all of these things on it? 

xo Catherine

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