First Ever Blow Out

February 26, 2013

That's right folks, I had my first blow out last week thanks to my wonderful boyFriend. For Valentine's Day he gave me a giftcard for Blast Blow Dry Bar in Minneapolis so that my sister and I could go treat ourselves to blow outs. Neither of us had ever had a blow out, it was a Fun new experience! What girl doesn't love to be pampered (speaking of, I made that massage appointment for Thursday!)? Not only did we get all done up, but we ventured over to Chino Latino in Uptown for the first time. My oh my, that fried rice was really something. Overall, a wonderful night :) here are some pictures of the blow outs:

Academy Awards

February 25, 2013

The Academy Awards. Celebrities, pop culture, gowns, movies, and this year: musicals! What more could a girl ask for? I would like to point out that I was 8/10 predictions-wise this year! Here are some of my personal highlights:

1. I loved the musical theme. The Oscars were already my favorite night of entertainment, so to add the musical theme was just the icing on the cake.
2. Barbra Streisand. I don't think I need to elaborate.
3. Sparkles. From dresses to stage decorations, the night was filled with shimmer and shine.
4. Adele's acceptance speech. Could this woman be any more adorable?
5. FLOTUS. Michelle Obama announced best picture this year. Michelle Obama.
6. Ben Affleck tearing up when he thanked his children. This man can do no wrong.

Now let's move on to the most important part: Fashion. I have to say I was disappointed in the Fashion this year. No one wowed me.

Worst Dressed (also disappointing):

1. Amanda Seyfried:

This was a weird shade of gray that didn't mix with her fair skin. Also I really don't love the neckline, which leads me to...

2. Salma Hayak:

3. Kristen Stewart:

Let's take a closer look at that greasy hair, shall we?
I honestly don't think I need to explain why she's on the worst dressed list.

4. Jennifer Hudson:

Don't get me wrong, she's looking great these days, but I just was not feeling this cheetah-esque dress. Also that hair...

5. Zoe Saldana:

Too busy, weird side bow, weird flowery top, 5th grader's belt.

6. Naomi Watts (switches from best at the Globes to worst here):

Just too bizarre for my liking.

7. Anne Hathaway:

It took me way too long to figure out what color this dress was. The jewelry with that neckline is too much and I was distracted by her side-boob.

8. Jennifer Garner:

I really hate to put her on the worst dressed list...but that explosion of fabric in the back deserves it. I do like this color on her however.

Best Dressed:

1. Jessica Chastain (moves from worst dressed at Globes to best here):

Very elegant and classic. My style.

2. Reese Witherspoon:

All-around gorgeous. Especially love this color on her, and that hair style.

3. Halle Berry (also moves from worst to best):

I have to say, I'm surprised I liked this. This is a major step up from her worst dressed moment at the Globes.

4. Stacy Keibler:

So well done.

5. Sandra Bullock:

I love a good lace dress.

6. Corrine Foxx (Jamie's daughter; couldn't find a picture of her alone):

She's so put together!

7. Michelle Obama (obviously):

Like I said, it was a pretty disappointing year for fashion. Gowns failed to stand out.

While the gowns may not have hit the mark, the winners certainly did, my mark! Here's who I picked for the ten categories that interested me and the winners:

Best Picture: Argo. It won! Yay Ben Affleck!
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, who also won. Congratulations to him for being the first to win three of these awards. He truly was phenomenal in Lincoln.
Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, also a winner! She is too adorable, even when she falls up the stairs.
Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz-winner. For my Globe  predictions I had Alan Arkin in Argo. However, since the Globes, I have seen Django Unchained and believe Christoph Waltz was the obvious choice.
Supporting Actress: Sally Field, unfortunately lost. Anne Hathaway won. Boo, she was only in the movie for five seconds.
Director: Steven Spielberg, also lost. Ang Lee won. I can't say I'm disappointed, he's pretty adorable and a great pick.
Cinematography: Life of Pi. Had to look up the definition for this one before making my choice, but I was correct!
Music: Life of Pi, winner. I don't know why, exactly, I picked this...intuition I guess.
Original Song: "Skyfall" by Adele. Obviously she won. No competition.
Visual Effects: Life of Pi- won.

Damn, I'm good at this. I should have bet money on it...

Taking Risks

February 21, 2013

I successfully beat the winter blues today by trying a new outfit and a new hair style!

I decided for my outfit to go for this monochromatic, mix of patterns:
You've got to understand that this is such a risk for me! I do not generally mix patterns, but I was please d with this outfit. It's hard to tell but the button-up has tiny checks on it:
Not only did I try a new outfit combination, but I also styled my hair differently (never mind that it was for laziness' sake). Here's a pic of the straight look:
I don't love the straight look, I think it's too severe on me. Like I said I switched it up because it's so much quicker to straighten than to curl!

My mom sent me this quote the other day: "Winter is nature's way of saying, "up yours.'"- Robert Byrne. Well nature, take that.

Dreaming of Sun

I know, I'm sorry I switched the look...again! I promise it will stay the same for a while.

This awful weather the past few days and the pending snow storm have me dreaming of warmer places. Don't get me wrong--I love Minnesota, but here's a list of places I'd rather be:

1. Southern France
2. Hawaii
3. Fiji
4. The Bahamas
5. Bora Bora
6. Greece
7. Monaco

Since I gave up shopping for Lent I decided to treat myself to a little online-window-shopping! Pretty sad, I know. To go along with my dream escape, the wardrobe I would take with me:

1. This lovely nautical blazer:
                                                                          J Crew

2. Flowy, turquoise top.
                                                                Banana Republic

3. Yellow lace shell.
                                                                   Banana Republic

4. Simple striped dress.
                                                                  Banana Republic

5. Love this polka dot dress.
 6. Gorgeous Kate Spade tote.

7. I am seriously lovin' on JCP these days.

8. Fun, colorful heels!

9. Knot belt.

Where are you guys dreaming of these days?

Winter Blues

February 19, 2013

Recently, I've been having a full-blown case of the winter blues. I'm in desperate need of some Fun. Naturally, I thought I'd blog about it. I did a bit of thinking/researching and came up with a few things I think may help me out of my rut:

1. Plan. I will admit I am an obsessive planner; it gives me a thrill. Anticipation makes everything more exciting.
(My planner! I love this one from The Container Store. It houses one of my multiple to-do lists.)
My roommates and I are currently brainstorming ideas for fun things to do...some ideas so far: a weekend trip to Madison, skiing or rock-climbing.

2. Treat myself. My mom influenced this one. Tonight I watched my TV shows and had Leeann Chin for dinner. I also saw that massages are only $49 for first time customers at Massage Envy...I may have to look into that.

3. Exercise. I am essentially never in the mood to exercise and this aversion is only amplified in the winter months. However, it feels so much more satisfying afterwards if I didn't want to exercise in the first place.

4. Try new outfits. This is especially fitting since I have given up my shopping addiction for Lent. It should be Fun to try and find new combinations!

Blog Troubles

February 17, 2013

I'm going to have to ask you guys to bear with me during this transitional period. I just can't find a look for the blog that I like!      >:( I'm waiting for my computer savvy boyfriend to come home in a month and help me make the blog pretty! So we just have to hang in there until then.

Anyway, I found a really fun app on this blog that I've been playing with today (I'm trying to avoid studying for a midterm). Here are some of the pictures I made with random pictures from my camera roll on the Overgram app:

The app lets you put text over photos!

New Look!

February 16, 2013

Well here's the new look! What do you guys think? I would love some thoughts because I still haven't decided if I like the new look. All I know is I didn't like the old design. There's really only so much I can do with the free templates though...

Please let me know what you think!

Happy Lent!

February 13, 2013

I'm going to use the start of this Lenten season to make a few resolutions of sorts. I've been feeling particularly stressed recently (money, homework, job searching, networking, study abroad due dates, group projects, a long distance relationship to name a few) by life in general. I grew up always thinking that you have to give something up for Lent. My wonderful mother clued me in that it's also acceptable to do more of something. So this Lenten season I want to resolve to do less of some things, and more of others:

1. Less shopping (less meaning none). Heartbreaking, I know.
2. More reading. Books, blogs, articles etc.
3. Less stressing. This will mean I need to cut back on some things in my life. I tend to be ambitious, which keeps me busy and therefore in a constant state of stress!
4. More relaxing! Relaxing is always good. I need to stop and appreciate more.

Happy Lent!

Struck Gold at JCPenny's...

February 11, 2013

On a whim I went into JCPenny's today, and to my surprise I found two lovely items. I was having a Fat Tuesday of sorts because for the second year in a row, I will be giving up shopping for Lent. I got this button up for $16:
I love this style because it's so easy to dress up or wear casually.

I also got this button up for $25:
This just goes to show that Fashion can be found anywhere, at any price!

Ice Castle Flop

February 9, 2013

Last night my mom and I spent $22 for a grand total of 15 minutes in the "ice castle" at MOA. It was not worth the money, and there really wasn't much to do or see. I wouldn't recommend it, though it did prove for a good photo-op.


February 7, 2013

I decided I'd hop on the bandwagon and make a little contribution to TBTs. A Fashion contribution of course! So get ready to relive the wonderful Fashion of the '90's and early 2000's!

1. Who doesn't remember the lovely Mudd brand? Here at number 1, the classic Mudd heeled loafers:

2. Continuing with the shoe trend, at number 2: Heely's.
Remember when these babies were banned from the elementary school hallways?

3. The fan favorite: jellies!

Jellies were paired best with number 4...

4. Socks with beads.

5. Speaking of beads...vacation corn rows with beads!
Not only were you jealous that they got to go on a trip, but they came back with these stylish accessories.

6. Platform Sketchers, not to be confused with Shape-Ups.

7. The ever-popular bungee shirt. One size fits all! (I just learned these are called popcorn shirts.)

I wanted one sooo badly, but alas, I went without.

8. Stretchy black sandals. These were considered my "nice" sandals as a child.*/fyVMtP8A

9. Pants/capris/shorts, all in one!

(Minus the tattoos.)

10. Skorts!

11. Gauchos.

12. The classic GAP sweatshirt.

13. A√®ropostale monkey paraphernalia.
Who didn't have one of these in 5th grade?$(KGrHqZ,!n4E8Vq-GZnrBPTDl!!7cg~~60_35.JPG

14. Etnies. I'll admit it...I owned a pair of these.

I thought these were the greatest shoes to ever come along.

15. Last, but not least: sparkly nail polish. Who didn't don this once or twice?

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me!

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