Best Places to Eat in Minneapolis

January 30, 2015

(Taken on Crave's rooftop)

Today I was featured on The Cultured Lens talking about my top places in Minneapolis to eat and I thought I would share! I love Minneapolis. It has so much to offer and the restaurant scene is amazing! Head over to The Cultured Lens to read about my top places. If you're local you should definitely try all of them!

xo Catherine 

Fabulous Finds

1. A luxe tote from Nordstrom.
2. A beautiful midi skirt from Chic Wish.
3. I'm not (quite) thinking about warm weather clothes yet, but these sandals from Forever 21 are on-point.
4. Can't go wrong with a polka dot dress from ASOS
5. Loving this ivory wide brimmed fedora from Express. I've never seen one before.
6. I've been posting a lot of sneakers lately. These ones from New Balance are really cute. I just need to pull the trigger on a new pair already!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? One of my best friends is coming into town so it's girls weekend :) there will be lots of wine, donuts, and girl-talk!

Have a good one!
xo Catherine 

Navy and Black

January 28, 2015

Coat: Topshop (similar). Sweater: J. Crew Factory (similar). Necklace: ILY Couture (similar). Jeans: Gap. Booties: Sam Edelman. Sunglasses: RayBan. Hat: Anthropologie (similar). Purse: Coach

I wore this outfit for a day of bowling with Mark's family (obviously not the shoes though #gottalovecommunalshoes). It was so fun! I hadn't bowled in quite a while (my wrist still hurts!) so it was fun to do something different. Mark left yesterday after being home for six weeks. It was so so nice having him here for an extended period of time, but now he has to go start his grown-up job! I don't know when I'll see him next but this is the last long stretch of being apart!

xo Catherine 

*Keeping it real: I wasn't in the best mood when Mark took these pictures. It was cold. I didn't really love this outfit even though it's a lot of my favorite items combined. And I was covered in lint! I love this coat, but man do I hate how it's a magnet for lint! My lint roller ran out, so there was that too. 

Keeping It Real

January 27, 2015

Lately I've been really inspired to put more energy into this little slice of the internet. My Inner Fabulous is my passion project, and so I'm always looking for ways to make it better. I was talking to Mark the other night about what my unique selling proposition is. In other words, what's going to set me apart from other bloggers and, hopefully, keep all of you coming back for more. 

I've decided that I want to do a better job of keeping things real here. I think I do a pretty good job of it already, but I could definitely be better. I don't wear tons of bracelets for an "arm party" because I find having my arm weigh an extra five pounds is quite annoying for me and everyone around me. I don't like Rockstuds. I don't buy designer things because I can't afford them (hello, I'm in college)! 

I do, however, love taking beautiful pictures and publishing pretty and inspiring images here. I just don't want you to think that that's my life. The above picture is my room maybe 2/7 days a week. Right now my bed is not made and it's piled high with discarded sweaters from trying to pick out this morning's outfit. Bloggers get a lot of flak for only publishing the beautiful parts of their lives and for not being very authentic. I've had brands approach me to work together, and although I'm itching to grow MIF, I turned them down because they're not a brand that I would truly use or that fits my style. 

Therefore, I want to introduce a new segment to the blog called "Keeping it Real." My vision is to continue posting images with the hope of inspiring you, but sometimes there will be an asterisk at the bottom of the post that tells you what was really going on. For example, how I told you that the above picture doesn't represent what my bed looks like at this moment, or even most of the time. 

I'll still be producing the same content, but I just want to be more upfront about what's going on behind the scenes. 

What do you guys think? Is that something that would appeal to you, or does it not really matter?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
xo Catherine 


January 26, 2015

Jumpsuit: Loft. Heels: BCBG via Nordstrom Rack (similar). Clutch: Jessica McClintock (similar). 

I am absolutely obsessed with this jumpsuit. It's my first one, and I think it's such a fun piece. I love the idea of wearing a little black jumpsuit instead of a little black dress to spice things up. If I'm being honest I don't even own a LBD! Good thing I have this jumpsuit now ;) This outfit styled with the red accents would be perfect for a Valentine's Day date. 

This weekend was a fun one. My sister had a cocktail party on Thursday. I also spent part of the night drinking wine and playing Gophers Against Humanity with girlfriends (a friend of mine made a University of Minnesota themed Cards Against Humanity). Friday I went to see Kate Arends speak at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and had brunch with a friend. On Friday night Mark and I went tubing! You should have seen my outfit ;) it was so fun though. On Saturday I finally caught up on TV shows (Downton, Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood, and Parks and Rec). Yesterday I went bowling with Mark's family and I wasn't terrible!

So thankful for a weekend filled with fabulous people!
xo Catherine

Fabulous Finds

January 23, 2015

1. Love this cuddly scarf from J. Crew
2. I just heard about this book by J. K. Rowling and it sounds so good. Officially added to my list. 
3. Super cute booties from Forever 21
4. I've really been loving Converse lately.
5. So obsessed with this clutch from The Shopping Bag. It would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

We made it through the week! Why is it that short weeks always end up feeling longer? I went back to class on Tuesday and all of my classes and professors seem like they're going to be really fun and laid back. I think it's going to be a good way to end my college career. 

This weekend is Mark's last here :( but this is our last stretch of being apart forever! We have date night tonight and are going bowling and just hanging out for the rest of the weekend.

Have a good one!
xo Catherine 

p.s. I'm taking over the Divine Caroline Insta account this weekend! Follow along here.
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January 21, 2015

Coat: J. Crew (very similar). Sweater: J. Crew Factory. Snood: Nordstrom (similar). Hat: Forever 21 (similar). Booties: Sam Edelman. Purse: Forever 21

I seriously love this creamy mix of blush, camel, and ivory. It's simple and chic. Since I wrote this post I've purchased two more hats (both with poms!) and I'm kind of loving it. They're such an easy way to add some whimsy to an outfit. 

Hows your week going so far? I started class again yesterday #boo. Although, it was my last first day, so that's something to celebrate (and mourn). I can't believe I'll graduate in May and then move in June. I need to make a list of all the things I want to do in Minneapolis before I leave! All of my Twin Cities friends, any suggestions? 

Have a good one!
xo Catherine

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Plaid + Leopard

January 19, 2015

Coat: ASOS (similar). Top: Old Navy (similar). Faux leather pants: Forever 21. Booties: Sam Edelman. Purse: Coach

Hello and happy Monday! My sickness was, thankfully, short-lived so I was able to actually enjoy most of my weekend. Today is MLK day, so technically the weekend's still going! Mark and I watched a lot of Lost, his graduation party was on Saturday, we went out for Mexican food and drinks with friends, and spent an entire day riding rides at the Mall of America with his brother and sister-in-law. So I'd say it was a pretty great weekend. It hasn't really hit me that I start school again tomorrow. But it's my last semester, so I can't really complain!

xo Catherine 

Fabulous Finds

January 16, 2015

1. A fun, felt fedora from Forever 21
2. Gold, chunky heels from Topshop that make me excited for spring!
3. A gold crossbody by Steve Madden is the perfect accessory to glam up any outfit. 
4. Love this bib from Baublebar--especially the ribbon. It's a lovely feminine touch.
5. These teal Nike's might just inspire me to work out. Lol just kidding. 
6. The perfect yellow coat from J. Crew to brighten up a winter day. 

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the week! I'm sick (again) so this weekend will be spent in my pj's watching Netflix and reading. Mark's family is throwing a party to celebrate his graduation on Saturday, so I hope I'm better for that! 

Have a fab weekend!
xo Catherine 

Layers are the Name of the Game

January 14, 2015

Vest: Old Navy (similar). Sweater: Old Navy (similar). Chambray: J. Crew. Scarf: Gap (similar). Jeans: Gap. Socks: J. Crew. Boots: L.L. Bean. Hat: Forever 21 (similar). 

It's been pretty chilly here in Minneapolis for the past week or so. I'm talking -40 wind chills. So layering has been key. I'm talking shirt, sweater, vest, scarf, leggings under pants, and two pairs of socks layering. I've toned it down a bit above, but you get the idea :) Anyways, it's supposed to be in the 30's this weekend which will feel like paradise!

xo Catherine 


January 12, 2015

Sweater: Michael Kors (similar). Skirt: J. Crew (similar). Tights: Kate Spade. Booties: Aldo via Zappos. Purse: Forever 21. Necklace: Loft Outlet (similar). 

Aren't these tights adorable? I love that they're fun without being too in your face. The perfect compliment to a metallic sweater! And what about this little purse?! It's so baby! I can't get over how cute it is. I bought it in red too :)

How was your weekend? Mine was excellent. Mark and I made dinner for my mom, watched lots of movies (watch The Intouchables on Netflix--so so good!), had drinks with a friend, spent time with family, and watched the Golden Globes of course :)

Happy Monday!

xo Catherine 

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