Round Two of Engagement Photos

June 30, 2017

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, Catherine, didn't you guys already take engagement pictures?  Why, yes, yes we did! You can see the first round here if you haven't already. So, here's the story: we got engaged in San Francisco so we wanted to do engagement pictures there. However, we didn't want to pay to have a MN photographer (who would be doing our wedding photos) fly out to SF for pictures. So we worked with a local photographer who was awesome! The thing is we wanted to meet and shoot with our actual photographer before the wedding too so we could get a feel for each other and hopefully be more comfortable in front of the camera in October. Now here we are with round two of beautiful engagement pics! Our photographer is Gina Zeidler and she is all kinds of awesome and amazing. The pictures speak for themselves but she's also the just a truly sweet person. I knew I'd love her before we even met in person because we follow each other on Insta and she's so positive and uplifting. Okay, lots of back story for some beautiful images, now I hope you enjoy them! PS, my dress is still available in a couple sizes :)

Things I Like Vol. 14

June 28, 2017

We got back from Napa on Sunday afternoon and I was so exhausted that I just could not bring myself to blog, so here we are meeting for the first time this week on Wednesday. Good thing I have some great links 'n things to make it up to you ;)

What's New With Me

June 23, 2017

Hi friends, I just wanted to drop in and share some little life updates because I figure you're probably reading here because you're somewhat interested in my life! If that's not the case, well then you can stop reading­čśé

Things I Like Vol. 13

June 21, 2017

The first thing I like this week is definitely these gingham block heeled sandals! If you follow me on Instagram you're probably sick of them, but they're just that good. I got them a week or two ago and have worn them probably a dozen times and get compliments every time.

Keep scrolling to see more!

Bridal Shower Outfit + Pictures

June 19, 2017

Man, last week was rough. We got back from Minnesota and Mark was really sick and then I got sick and it was my birthday and we just stayed home and ate pizza because we both felt gross and it was pretty pathetic. We took the weekend to relax and try to feel better and I'm finally on the up and up but Mark still doesn't feel great. It's his birthday this Friday so we're hoping we're both better and can celebrate our joint birthdays next weekend! Phew, all this to say we didn't do a whole lot this weekend. It didn't help that it was in the 90's so we leaving the apartment (and the AC) was not too appealing. 

Anyway, this pretty little number is what I wore to my second bridal shower on Mark's side of the family last weekend! Mark's mom and sister hosted and it was seriously the cutest! You may remember the donut wall I posted last week. Keep reading to see more of the outfit and some pictures from the party!

Things I Like Vol. 12

June 14, 2017

Welcome back to the blog, you guys! It's been a minute. We got back from a very busy trip to Minnesota on Monday night and Mark is pretty sick so I'm feeling all sorts of frazzled trying to catch up on both work and life. I feel like I haven't had much free time in the past week so I'm looking forward to a low-key week. Although, it's my birthday this week so there will probably be more activity than normal! All good things though! The above photo is from the DONUT WALL that was at my bridal shower. I'll share some more photos soon!

Let's see what we've got this week, shall we?

Things I Like Vol. 11

June 7, 2017

Happy Wednesday and happy last day of the week to me! We're headed home tomorrow and will be gone through early next week soo you probably won't see any new posts until this time next week ;) One of my best friends from college is getting married so that's what we're headed back for and then we do have some wedding meetings of our own. It's going to be a busy weekend but I cannot wait!

The Perfect Sweater for the Beach Minus the Beach

June 5, 2017

This is the perfect sweater for the beach, no? Unfortunately I have not been to the beach recently and didn't style it as such for this post but I couldn't help but think how perfect it would be with white jeans at the beach. Can't you just picture it? At least at a Northern California beach where it's never warm enough to swim. Anyway, just picture me wearing this with white jeans at the beach, oh and I'm also in a Nancy Meyers movie. Because I feel like everyone wears monochromatic tan outfits in her movies and it's basically just a life dream to live in on one of her sets. Okay, so now that I've said all that you can just ignore how fall-ish this outfit looks :)

Pink and Emerald and Turquoise Too

June 1, 2017

Why are short weeks the longest? Tuesday was especially rough. Needless to say I am in need of a weekend. The only thing I really have on my agenda is hosting a friend for brunch and then lots of TV and reading! I'm almost done with The Couple Next door and am really enjoying it so far.

Anyway, on to the main event: this outfit. I loved playing with all of these colors together. Pink and green are so much fun when paired together and definitely have a bit of a tropical vibe. I'm bummed because I ordered a pair of pink sandals that would have been perfect with this outfit but hadn't come in time to take pictures. Boo. It's still pretty cute though ;) This skirt was a fun find and I think will be great for summer. I weirdly didn't have any patterned or textured skirts before this one. They were all just plain colors. So this is breath of fresh air to my skirt collection! 

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