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June 23, 2017

Hi friends, I just wanted to drop in and share some little life updates because I figure you're probably reading here because you're somewhat interested in my life! If that's not the case, well then you can stop reading­čśé

We are headed to Napa this weekend because it's Mark's birthday today! A friend's family owns a beautiful home up there so we're going to stay for the weekend with some of Mark's friends. I'm very excited, especially because my friends and I will actually be using this house for my bachelorette party over Labor Day weekend! I can't wait to see it in person. This weekend will be quite different from the bachelorette though because it's just me and a bunch of dudes and Louie. Lol. Should be interesting!

We are officially 4 months out from the wedding! AHHHHH. So excited and ready to kick things into gear.

Speaking of wedding things, my dress was supposed to be ready when I was home a couple weeks ago but there was a shipping delay and they failed to tell me that ahead of time so it wasn't ready until we were literally leaving for the airport to come back to California. Needless to say, I am not pleased. My mom was able to pick the dress up and send me pictures, but I had to book another trip home for literally 48 hours in August so I can do alterations. I'm dying to see my dress because the one I tried on in store was blush and I ordered it in ivory. Now I need to be patient and just wait another 5 weeks.

It's been in the 90's for about a week here and we're all basically melting. We haven't been doing a whole lot but sitting in the AC.

We just started The Fall this week. Have you watched it? I hadn't heard of it but a lot of my coworkers recommended it. It's a BBC show that takes place in Ireland and is about a serial killer. It's good but pretty dark.

I'm reading quite a dark book at the moment too: Into the Water. It's the new Paula Hawkins book and I like it so far. I'm almost done actually! It took me forever to get into because it's told from the perspective of about 8 people and it was so hard to remember who's who! I think I'm going to need something lighter after this one though.  

Guys, I drank coffee yesterday. For those of you know me, know that does not happen. I really like the taste of coffee but it makes me feel gross. I was so desperate though after a week of being basically incapable of doing anything from exhaustion. I'm not sure what the deal is, I think maybe just because I worked out more than normal this week? Anyway, I caved and drank some cold brew yesterday and felt pretty awesome all day. 

Okay, this is going to sound super weird but I've had a revelation recently that I actually love my arms. I've had this obsession lately that they need to be thinner, especially because they're on display in my wedding dress, but I'm over it you guys. My arms are pretty muscular, not quite Michelle Obama status but if I flex you can definitely see definition. However, when they're relaxed against my body they look flabby and you know what? That literally happens to everyone no matter how buff they are. My arms are strong and pretty toned and I just need to love them even if they don't look great pressed up against my body. They let me play volleyball and hug Mark and do 16 pushups (lol) and drive my car and type at this computer. I could go on :)

That's pretty much it that's new with me! The wedding is heavily on my mind as well as an urge to really get out and explore more. That's why I'm happy to be heading to Napa this weekend!

Hope you have some fun plans for the first official weekend of summer!

xo Catherine 

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