10 Things You Didn't Know about Mark and I

October 20, 2017

Mark doesn't love being featured on the blog or social media but I'm going to make an exception today to get sappy because I'm feeling all of the feels on the eve of OUR WEDDING!! We're so excited and I think all of our ducks are in a row. The weather doesn't look great but we can't control that and it will be wonderful no matter what. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi and share 10 things you may not have known about my future husband and I!

1. If you've been reading for a while you've probably already heard this but Mark and I met in junior high band class. I played the French horn and he played the trumpet. We were friendly in junior high but didn't start dating until sophomore year of high school when we actually went to different schools.

2. Going off of the above, Mark and I always went to different schools when we were dating. I was looking back through photos of us over the years and a ton of them are from high school dances. We went to every single one of my high school's dances but not a single one of his! Pretty silly but he never wanted to go to his. Just for fun, here's a little peak of us at our senior year Homecoming.

3. We eat pizza every Friday night. Not sure exactly how this tradition started but it was sometime shortly after I moved to California. Occasionally we'll order a pizza or go out but it's usually a chicken bacon ranch pizza from Safeway :) we just really like pizza.

4. Mark and I went to different colleges. He was in California and I was in Minnesota. We did all four years long distance. It was obviously not fun but wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. You get used to it and it's bearable when there's an end date (graduation) in sight!

5. We are obsessed with our little Louie. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you but Louie rules our lives. I've been apart from him for about a week and miss him so much! We joke that we probably send each other more pictures of our dog when one of us is gone than people with kids do. He's definitely our fur baby!

6. I wouldn't say we're opposites, but we don't really have the same set of interests. Mark loves things like tech, video games and sports and I love shopping, reading, and musical theater. Despite our different interests we share the same set of values and both have the same sense of humor. He's my favorite person to laugh with. 

7. We are total homebodies. We like trying new places but would ultimately rather be snuggled up at home. We probably watch a little too much TV πŸ˜¬

8. For our first Valentine's Day in 2009 Mark got me a white teddy bear that I still have. We both loved quoting the movie Austin Powers so we named the bear Mini Me πŸ˜‚He still lives at my mom's house and I've been snuggling with him every night this week.

9. We are both not outdoor people. We have a shared dislike of camping and roughing it. I think our ideal outdoor scenario is one that is tropical. Good thing we're headed to Mexico for our honeymoon!

10. The morning that Mark proposed he insisted we go out for breakfast. We were headed up to San Francisco for a night and he really wanted us to go out to breakfast in Santa Clara before we drove up. He was being so weird about it! I just kept asking why we couldn't just eat at home. He knew how much I love breakfast food and wanted the whole day to be perfect so he wanted to take me to this really good breakfast spot. He also kept coughing all morning and I thought he was getting sick but he was just really nervous! I knew he was probably proposing that day but still thought he was being strange!

Now you know us a little bit better! I'll see you guys on the other side when I'm a married woman! Can't wait to be officially married to my favorite person. As a little bonus, here's the first photo we ever took together in 2008 at Valley ScareπŸ˜‚

xo Catherine 

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