Things I Like Vol. 27

October 11, 2017

I've just got to make it to Friday but it feels so far away! Last week was particularly rough and stressful but thankfully it seems like the worst is over. We had to get the seating chart and all of the stationary finalized. Now it's mostly just running some errands when I'm home next week. I fly into MN on Saturday to get in one more dress fitting and then Mark will meet me there on Wednesday. We're both getting very anxious and excited for the big day (that's just 10 days away)! I think we're both really pumped for the honeymoon too because we plan to just sit and lounge at the beach and man does that sound good right now. This girl needs a break! Anyway, hope these links can provide a little break for you today!

1. An NPR social media employee accidentally posted a personal story about his daughter to NPR's Facebook account instead of his personal one. It could have turned out so poorly but it's adorable!

3. You guys, I do not need these cognac over the knee boots but man they're sooo beautiful and really calling my name RN. I've been wanting some tall cognac boots and this is a great price for such quality but still quite expensive. 

4. When the fall foliage will peak near you. I'm crossing my fingers that Minnesota is in peak on October 21st!

5. I shared one of The Everygirl co-founders' home tours a few weeks ago and now the other co-founder's home is being featured on My Domaine. It's gorge! 

6. Here are two skirts I'm lusting after right now: velvet ruffles and plaid ruffles😍

7. If I weren't living with a guy you better believe my whole apartment would be gold and pink. Enter Pottery Barn's most recent collab with Monique Lhuillier. It's dreamy!

8. How to spend less money online. I'm actually not an impulse shopper. I always stew on my purchases for a few days. That's actually why I prefer online shopping. I tend to be more impulsive in store and buy things I wouldn't otherwise because it's there and I'm there and instant gratification. Anyway, this was an interesting read with some tips for how to not shop as much. 

Well, there you have it. Just a reminder that posts will be sparse for probably the next month or so as we prep for the wedding and such but I'm hoping to pop in every once and a while.

Thank you for reading!
xo Catherine 

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