March 10, 2013

This past weekend I finally visited Madison. Since coming to college I have been hearing about it nonstop from friends who go to school there and from my Wisconsinite roommates. I have to say, it was really cute! It had a slightly Uptown-esque feel to it with lots of unique restaurants and shops. Whilst in Madison I visited a few Friends:
It was so great to see where they've been living and catch up!

While I did visit Friends, I have to be honest...this weekend was packed, packed I tell you, with Food. I feel like all I did all weekend was eat! Some of the highlights were: brioche french toast from Marigold in Madison, a home-cooked breakfast of waffles, bacon and hash-browns aaaaand:
 Flour-less cake from Bluephies in Madison!
All in all, a wonderful weekend! There's just something about going away that makes you love home that much more, so it's great to be back. Let's hope this week flys by to Spring Break!

On a side wonderful was SNL last night?! I cannot get enough of JT right now! Can't wait for Justin Timberweek on Late Night.

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