Spring at Target

March 7, 2013

Spring is in full swing at Target right now, which means my innate crave to shop is kicking in. Just thought I'd post about a few horrible, and lovely, things I've noticed in stores recently.

Here we have baroque hammer pants. I kid you not, that's what these are:
They even come in slimming black...check out that elastic waistband:

It's bad enough they've made graphic sweaters, but now graphic sweater tank tops? This must be put to an end.

On another note, the 1960's are reappearing:

Speaking of the '60's, Banana Republic has launched another limited edition Mad Men line. Here are a few things I've got my eye on for after Easter...

                                                                  Banana Republic

These days, whenever I'm looking at clothes I picture myself strolling the London streets, or other various European streets in them. Can't wait!

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