Week in Review

March 30, 2013

Happy almost Easter! I know I've been slacking lately on the blogging. Fear not, I've been taking plenty of pictures this past week to document some of the Fun things I've been up to!

Target is having a BOGO 50% off on shoes right now, so how could I resist? I stocked up on flats since mine have taken a beating recently from puddles...

I continued to grow my lipstick collection this week, adding orange and fuchsia!

$10 at JCPenny's. Starting to really love that place.

Went for a stroll on Saint Anthony Main. After borrowing a good Friend's trench coat I was inspired to purchase one of my own...

Had a BLT <3

I had lunch (and a chocolate croissant) at one of my top 10 favorite restaurants Bread and Chocolate. 

I reunited with my wonderful boyFriend :)

A sunny day in beautiful Minneapolis. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Can't wait to see all the Easter Fashion tomorrow! 

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