Mad for Plaid

October 31, 2016

Scarf: J. Crew Factory. Vest: J. Crew (similar). Jeans: Articles of Society. Boots: Hunter. Chambray: J. Crew Factory. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

Phew, what a weekend. We had engagement pictures yesterday afternoon so pretty much the entire weekend was spent prepping for that. We had to get outfits finalized, hair cut, teeth whitened, nails done, hair done, makeup done. I ended up redoing my hair and nails once I got home and I took off about half of the makeup that the artist put on since it felt like too much. To say I was stressed out by all of this was a bit of an understatement.

It was my own fault, I knew it would probably happen because I'm particular. Now I know in the future it's just not worth the money. Then on top of all my beauty issues it was raining in San Francisco yesterday morning, where we would be taking pictures that afternoon. Our photographer asked if we wanted to reschedule but I'd already had all of my hair and such done so we decided to chance it and boy did it pay off. The weather turned out so perfect with the sun shining through for most of it! Our photographer was amazing and adorable. I think we were both kind of nervous/awkward but she did such a good job of coaching us and making things fun. Louie was even there to make an appearance and he did spectacularly. I feel like this whole stressful weekend was just a warmup and a little reminder to me in particular that things will go wrong on our wedding day. But you can't control that. Everything will turn out in the end to be beautiful and memorable. I'm making this all sound very dramatic, it really wasn't a huge deal, I was just kind of bummed that things didn't go as I had envisioned them. In the end the session went beautifully and we cannot wait to see the pictures in a few weeks!

End rant. Haha not much else to say about this weekend, we really spent most of it running errands to get ready for pictures. Now I'm ready to relax and need another weekend!

xo Catherine 

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