Coming Home

July 5, 2013

Well my time in Europe has come to a close (more on the last week to come) and it's time to make the day-long trip home. I just cannot wait to sleep in my bed! I have immensely enjoyed my time here, however there are some things that I'm so looking forward to back in the States. Here's a quick list of Things I'll Miss about London and Things I'm Excited to go Home to:

1. The Tube. I never thought I'd say it, but I love The Tube; it's so well laid out. The entire city is covered, the trains are on time and get you where you need to go. After a few days in Paris riding the Metro, I cannot commend the Tube enough. 
2. Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's is a grocery store chain in England that I cannot get enough of. The prices are really good, there's a ton of fresh pre-made meals, and the made-in-store desserts are to die for. I think I went to Sainsbury's almost every single day while in London.
3. Free newspapers. Every weekday there are free morning and evening newspapers handed out outside The Tube--so convenient!
4. Constantly being offered tea. Such a stereotype, but so true!
5. Free museums. 95% of the museums are free in London!
6. Constant activity and variety. I'm the type of person who loves to be busy, so this was the perfect city for me to spend a month and a half in. There was constant activity and entertainment. 
7. The British accent/phrases. A few of my favorites: 'Mind the gap.' 'Have a quick Google around.' 'I'm just going to pop over there.' 'If anyone fancies it?' 

Excited to go home for:
1. Stores open late. God bless 24 hour stores.
2. My bed.
3. Pandora and Netflix. Pandora doesn't work outside of the U.S. and a few other select countries, I never realized how much I listened to it!
4. Unlimited wifi/cell phone usage. I have been limited to a certain number of minutes of wifi per week for the last seven weeks, so I can't wait for unlimited wifi and unlimited use of my cell phone.
5. People walking on the right side of the street/sidewalk. It's just a huge free-for-all here. 
6. Target. Need I say more?
7. American spelling. It just seems so wrong to spell realise or organise with s's instead of z's.

All in all, it has been the most amazing trip, but at this point I just can't wait to be home!

Thanks for reading!

xo Catherine 

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