How Clothing Can Solve Your Problems

April 8, 2014

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Last week I talked about the power of fashion, and why I love it. Today I'm expanding on that with a few simple tricks. 

Sick? Dress up. I know that all you want to do when you feel like crap is binge-watch One Tree Hill, wear your boyfriend's old gym shirt, and wallow in self-pity. However, I am a firm believer in faking it until you make it. If I look put together, I automatically feel 10x more put together. Statement jewelry is a cold's worst nightmare. 

Feeling overwhelmed? For me, a messy apartment means distraction and little motivation. I can't get work done, until I have space (here's looking at you last week's outfit still draped over my desk chair). When my closet won't shut, and I'm storing purses within purses to save space (#guilty), I know it's time to say goodbye to some clutter. I know it's hard (yes, I do need 31 cardigans and 11 striped t-shirts), but it's so rejuvenating.

In a slump? Revamp your wardrobe. Now I know what you're thinking, sounds like an excuse to online shop, amiright? In all seriousness, a new wardrobe, or more realistically a few new pieces, can work wonders for your soul mojo. Just like in junior high how back to school shopping made the end of summer bearable, a new wardrobe can get you pumped up and motivated to get sh*t done. 

xo Catherine

*I hope you all know that I do not actually think that clothes can solve all of my problems (just 96% of them #retailtherapy).

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