June 19, 2014

My goal here on My Inner Fabulous is to keep things as real as possible. I think a lot of fashion bloggers take themselves a little too seriously. I got the idea from Hallie of Corals and Cognacs to share some outtakes from when I take outfit pictures. Every time we take outfit pictures, we take anywhere from 50-150 pictures, and only 6-10 make the bog cut. So as you can imagine, there are some unattractive gems that get lost. Obviously the majority of people enjoy looking at pretty pictures of flowers and outfits, but that gives the impression that my life is all flowers and looking put together. When, in fact, there's a fair share of hiccups, like when you look down at your feet and realize your ankles are covered in about ten mosquitos (pictured above). Can we just take a moment to appreciate how wonderful the above picture is. Great. Now that we've done that, here area  few more lovlies to brighten up your Thursday.

Pumpkins? Puh-lease. 

Twirling in heels is hard.

Had to.

Aren't talking pictures just the best?

It was so bright that day my eyes were watering. That wasn't the only time though!

My mom loves the moon (love you mom), and so she wanted to get one of me with the moon showing.

More of those f*ckers I mean mosquitos . Oh Minnesota...

Immediately ran to my car after taking these pictures because it was around six degrees out.

If you can't laugh at yourself, you're doing something wrong!

xo Catherine 


  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing such a great idea especially bc your pics always look to good! I have a ton with the eyes rolled up into my head..classic.



  2. Haha thanks Hollyn! I do that all the time in pictures!

  3. I saw this post awhile back (sorry just catching up on my comments) and you totally made my morning! I love Hallie's outtake posts too, as bloggers we've all been there. My absolute favorite is the Pumpkin pic and your caption was priceless.



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