Think Pink

August 6, 2014

Skirt: Loft (similar). Blouse: J. Crew Factory. Belt: Target. Shoes: 6pm. Clutch: Gap (similar). Sunglasses: RayBan.

My style has evolved so much over the years. I was in no way a girly-girl when I was younger. My sister and I were definitely tomboys--our favorite game to play was Batman and Robin. I even took it one step further and got a boy haircut in third grade, and I don't think Ellen will ever let me live it down. I would say my style is pretty feminine. I love pink and lady-like silhouettes. That's the great thing about style though, it doesn't have to be just one thing.

xo Catherine 


  1. Pretty mix of the skirt and heels! Our shoes match colors today!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I loved those shoes in your post today!

  2. Pink always sounds like a fabulous idea!



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