The 2016 Project Update One

April 15, 2016

Can you believe we're three (and a half) months into 2016? You may remember that I've set a mini resolution for each month of the year and dubbed it The 2016 Project. If you're new around these parts you can read all about it here. Today I wanted to check in and share how the first quarter of the year's resolutions went.

January: standing an extra hour a day at work. I already hated standing for the first two hours of the day, so adding an extra hour after lunch was unpleasant. I stuck with it all but one or two days when I was in meetings all day. But, as soon as February 1st hit, I dropped that extra hour like it was hot. I've actually read a lot of mixed articles and research about whether standing at your desk is actually better for you. I've pretty much learned that it's good to stand and move around, but it's not great to do it for long stretches of time, or for the majority of the day because it's hard on your body. Honestly I'll take whatever reason I can get to sit down! 

February: do a weekend long digital detox. Mark was kind enough to join in on my endeavor for this one. I was worried we'd be really bored, but it honestly didn't feel that different. I don't think there are any official rules for doing a digital detox, but we decided that we wouldn't use our phones, computers, or TV. We also didn't do a full 48 hours, it was more like 36. We kept very busy that weekend though, which I think is the key to staying sane. We ran errands and packed up our apartment for our impending move. I would say that nighttime was the weirdest/hardest, because that's typically when we would watch a movie, or browse the internet. Overall I enjoyed the weekend, I'm not sure Mark can say the same though. I would love to implement little digital detoxes into our lives going forward. Like phone-free date nights.

March: no eating out. Besides July's no shopping, this was the one that I went into thinking would be the toughest. While we don't eat out a ton, it is a normal part of our week to pick something up, or go out on the weekends. I love trying new restaurants, and don't love cooking, so eating out gets two thumbs up from me. There were definitely times during the month when I was itching to get out of the house, or just pick something up so I wouldn't have to make dinner. However, I was surprised that by the end of the month I wasn't going crazy, and that we had successfully (minus one work dinner) made it through! I don't think we need to take a whole month off of eating out, but it definitely showed me that we don't have to go out as often as we were before. We'll see if I'm feeling the same way in another month though!

April's challenge is to go somewhere new. I could technically cross this off already, since I went to Hartington, Nebraska for the first time last weekend, but I don't think I'll count that since it was scheduled before I started this project. I'm thinking maybe a new beach or maybe the dog park for the first time!

Did you set any New Year's Resolutions? How are they going?

Have a great weekend!
xo Catherine 

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