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May 2, 2016

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The internet is a beautiful thing. It connects us with all sorts of people and content that we would never have been able to find otherwise. There are a few places/people that I think have been particularly killing it with their content lately, so I wanted to share the love!

1. If you aren't already reading The Everygirl, well then you're welcome. It's a website filled with amazing articles and resources for young women from career advice to what to watch on Netflix. The thing that first brought me in was their home tours. Serious decor envy (be warned that you could get sucked in here all day)! But what kept me coming back was the fresh content, and I have to say it's been exceptional lately. Some of my favorite reads as of late: Understanding 5 Difficult Personality Types and How to Handle Them, The Best Shows and Movies to Get You Through Your Downton Abbey Withdrawals, Lauren Nelson's New York City Bedroom Tour, 21 Interesting Accessories to Make Your Bookshelves Wow, and How to Hide Unsightly Electronics and Cords. Also you should follow the cofounders Alaina and Danielle on Instagram - their apartments are to die for. 

2. Have you heard of Reese Witherspoon's clothing brand Draper James? I hadn't until a couple months ago and now I'm a tad bit obsessed. The whole line is fun, beautiful, and quirky. It kind of reminds me of a southern Kate Spade. Draper James is kind of pricey, so I don't actually own anything, but I like to stop in and window shop. And let me just tell you that I've been loving everything I've seen lately. I'm particularly excited for the new arrivals to come out so I can dream about this lemon dress! Some of my current favorite pieces are this shirtdress, this floral top, this lemon plate set, and this ladylike bag

3. I think we've all known this for a while, but Target is seriously killing it in the home decor department. It's been especially noteworthy for me while I'm still decorating the new apartment. I would highly recommend checking it out if you're trying to decorate on a budget, or if you just want to kill some time ;) A few pieces I've been eyeing are this cigar armchair, this brass lamp with marble base, this mirrored side table, and this fun tasseled pillow

4. Taylor Morgan from Little Blonde Book. I've been a reader of Taylor's blog for a while, but I have been especially loving her content lately. My favorite outfits as of late are here and here, go check her out! 

5. The Skimm, AKA the perfect, most digestible way to read the news. I know this makes me sound very much like a millennial, but I find keeping up with the news to be kind of overwhelming. There are about a million different sites that you can go to for news, so it's hard to pick and choose. Enter The Skimm. If you're not familiar it's a daily (on weekdays) email that is a digest of the latest news stories written in a very colloquial and engrossing way. I always look forward to reading The Skimm in the morning, but for some reason I've been loving it more and more lately. Maybe it's because they recently added in book recommendations. I add almost every one to my list of books to read!

Do you have anything you've seen on the interwebs lately that you'd like to share? I'd love to know!

xo Catherine 

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