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March 26, 2018

It's been a while (read: almost a year!) since I've shared some of my favorite beauty products so I'm here to catch you up on what I've been loving over the last few months!

First up we have the invisibobble hair ties. I saw these all over social media and was intrigued. They claim to not leave creases in your hair and while they did leave less of a crease than a normal hair tie, there was still some crease-age. I will say they overall feel better for your hair since it's not getting ripped or tangled in elastic. I mostly wear these around the house because I've had people ask if I was using one of those key holders you put around your wrist in my hair😂

Next up is the Maybelline Brow Define + Filling Duo pencil. I bought this accidentally and what a happy accident it was. I thought I was buying just a regular eyebrow pencil and didn't realize there was the dual end that is kind of spongey and called the "powder" end. It's more like a liquid than a powder and I exclusively use that end now to fill in my brows. Previously I was using a regular pencil and having to smudge it in to look more natural. I'm lucky enough to have a good eyebrow shape and so I only really need to fill in little spots and darken my brows. I'm not looking to draw a new shape so the spongey end is perfect. You've probably seen pencils like this before but I was so excited to find this and it's probably my favorite find of all the ones I'm sharing today! 

Another recent find are hair donuts. Now I know you've seen these before in the checkout line at Forever 21/Old Navy but I'd never actually bought any. Admittedly, I bought these back when my hair was still quite long and I was struggling with how to put it up and not have it look sloppy. I did have to watch a YouTube video or two to get the hang of it but then it's pretty easy to use. My hair is getting long enough to use the smaller ones again so I've been doing more buns lately. Would definitely recommend and they're pretty cheap!

Next we've got the Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow highlighter palette and just highlighter in general really. I didn't start wearing highlighter until a few months ago and I am smitten. I mean, who doesn't want a little sparkle in their life? Okay, I know a lot of people don't like glitter but I do! I don't use many makeup products every day but I've added this one to the lineup. I got it for free at work but I would definitely purchase it myself as the colors are gorgeous and subtle and it seems like it'll last forever. It looks especially magical in sunlight too. Consider me a highlighter enthusiast!

The last item I want to share is the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. You may have seen that I recently asked on Instagram for under eye concealer recommendations because I feel like I've tried them all. At the time I was using this Becca one but wasn't wowed by it. I got a ton of great recommendations that I still want to try but I decided to keep using this one up since it's not cheap. Previously I was using a color corrector underneath this concealer and that was causing it to crease literally all day long (my number one annoyance when it comes to concealer). So I tried it on its own and I like it 100x better. It does crease after the first few minutes but then I'll just blend it again and set it with powder and then it's usually good for the day. I like that it's got a little bit of shimmer to it (see above highlighter😊) which I know is not for everyone. I think the shimmer kind of reflects light and makes my under eye circles look brighter. Hooray for that!

Do you have any awesome beauty finds to share?

xo Catherine 

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