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September 30, 2019

Today's post is a random collection of things but I wanted to share some of my tried and true favorites with you. These are all things I use at least every week, if not every day, and they're just too good to keep to myself!

Core 10 joggers. One of my coworkers introduced me to Amazon's athletic brand Core 10 and so I decided to try out their joggers a few months ago and the rest is history. I now have two pairs of these because I was always so sad when they were in the wash. They're that good. I am not a leggings person so I've been reaching for these as an option for walking the dog or running a quick errand. They are so so cozy and under $30!

Everlane cashmere sweaters. Cashmere is the ultimate luxury in my opinion because it feels like you're wrapped up in a hug. Can't beat that! This was the first sweater I bought from Everlane over two years ago in heather grey and I've since bought it in camel and the v-neck in black too. That's how much I love these. They're so cozy, the fit is great (TTS for me) and they hold up well over time. I wear one of my Everlane sweaters at least once a week year-round. 

Remington sweater shaver. In order to keep all of my sweaters in tip-top shape I use this sweater shaver for pilling. I was introduced to this gadget when Mackenzie posted about it a few years ago and was very intrigued. You have to be careful with these because I once accidentally made a hole in my sweater when I pushed too hard but I've since gotten the hang of it and now my sweaters are pill-free! 

Everlane Day Market tote. I am an Everlane fangirl now, I guess! I bought my first Day Market tote early last year after seeing Meghan Markle with hers and I loved it so much that I bought another one after the original was looking a little worse for wear. I now have it in the "Saddle" color and love it. I use it every day for work and it's my go-to personal item for flights. 

Cuyana travel set. I think the moment I realized I was an adult was when I was excited about a fancy toiletry kit. I'm kidding, but I really was thrilled when these Cuyana pouches arrived. They feel so luxurious and help me stay organized. I use the smaller one in my everyday tote to hold lipstick and other beauty products and I use the larger one for travel. I agonized over what color to get and went with the blush. I was worried with them being such a light color that they'd get dirty and scratched but they've held up quite well after a couple of months!

Oribe texturizing spray. My new hair salon uses Oribe products and I have fallen in love, which is bad news for my wallet because they come at a pretty penny. I bought this texturizing spray on sale during the Nordstrom Sale and I am both happy and sad to report that it is excellent. Happy because it works so well (and smells amazing) and sad because it is definitely an investment. I try to save it for special occasions or when my hair is in dire need of some volume!

Yeti water bottle. Mark got a Yeti water bottle when he worked at Cisco and then became a superfan of the brand. We now have pretty much every size that they make and I use their water bottles every single day. I have three water bottles I rotate between and typically use the straw top which helps me drink more water. I love these because they really do work at keeping things hot or cold and they're dishwasher safe as well as V. durable.

Revlon ColorStay lipstick. I dedicated a whole post to this lipstick but wanted to share it again because I still love it that much. It's pretty much the only lipstick I wear and I have four colors I rotate between. It lasts all day, layers nicely and the colors are great. My favorites are "Supermodel" and "Fashionista" for fall/winter and "Finale" and "Socialite" for spring/summer. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. This has made the biggest difference in my at-home manicures lasting a full two weeks. I use the Essie Gel Couture polish and top coat which are great but when I put this on first it will last for two weeks with minimal chipping!

Have you tried any of these products? Would love to know your thoughts!
xo Catherine

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