20 While I'm 20

June 25, 2013

I said really cryptically the other day that I would be posting more about turning 20, so here it is. As you all know, I had my 20th birthday a little over a week ago, and let me just tell you that there is nothing special about turning 20. That's what I thought anyway, until I decided to make this year special. A few weeks ago I was reading in the UK Cosmo about something called 35 While You're 35, where people do 35 nice things for other people the year that they turn 35. Well I have decided to adapt this cause to my circumstances and have changed it to 20 While I'm 20. The best part is that I must follow through because I have my blog to hold me accountable. 

Obviously, I hope that I do more than 20 nice things for people over the course of a year, but I will do 20 things with the intention of going towards this goal. 

So--I started today! Here is 1/20:

I love receiving mail, so I decided to buy some cute cards and send letters saying nice things to strangers. 

Who wouldn't want to get this cute card in the mail?!

Finding random strangers' addresses was the tricky part. I looked in the British White Pages, but I needed to search a name to get an address. How could I possibly choose some random British sounding name to search? So naturally, I searched my own name! I chose two different people with my initials living in London and decided that they were going to be my recipients. I struggled a bit with what to write inside, just trying to think about what I'd like to hear if the roles were reversed. In short I said that I love receiving mail, so I hoped that their day would be a little brighter from receiving my card. I also told them that they are wonderful and that if ever they're having a bad day, there is someone out there who is thinking about them! Kind of cheesy, I know. 

I sent them off in the hopes that I make someone's day a little bit better.

Have you guys seen any cool things that people have done for others? I need some suggestions! Also, how would you feel if you received a letter from a stranger?

xo Catherine

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