Birthday Weekend

June 17, 2013

This past weekend I had my 20th birthday in London. It was really strange being away from home for my birthday, but I had plenty of fun things to keep me distracted. Here are a few snapshots from Birthday Weekend.

On Friday we went out to dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. Here's me doing a Gatsby pose with my champagne:

Lipstick marks...oops.

After dinner we went to see The Lion King. Though I have been to many shows over the years, I have always been hesitant to see The Lion King for some reason. I'm glad that we went, but I wasn't wowed. We got to sit in a box, and there was a performer in the box with us for the first few minutes, so that was definitely cool. I will say that the costumes, set, and props were amazing.

Then Saturday (actual birthday) we started the day off bright and early to get a spot along the fence (eek!) to see the Trouping of the Colours. It's a parade to celebrate the official state birthday of the Queen. The whole royal family was present!! I still can't believe I saw Kate Middleton in real life. Can you say girl crush? Here are a few pictures from the parade:
The Queen's carriage.

Kate, Camilla and Harry.

The Queen.

The parade ended with a flyover. 

After all of that we went for high tea at The Orangery, which is in Hyde Park next to Kensington Palace.


That night, we were going to go out to a speak easy for dinner and drinks, but that didn't pan out. However, I was still dressed Gatsby style:

This feathered hair piece was just too hard to resist for a speak easy :) don't worry we're actually going to go to a speak easy a week from Wednesday!

Then Sunday was my relaxation day. After being here for five weeks, I haven't had a single day where I just stayed at home and hung out. I read an entire book, which felt so good. I don't have time to read during the regular school year! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

xo Catherine

P.S. more to come on turning 20 and what I plan to do this year. 

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