Men React: Pixie Cuts

October 3, 2013

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I am sorry to say that this is the last Men React post :( it's been so much fun hearing from the panel over the past few weeks. This week's trend is by request: the pixie cut. 

Not surprisingly, the guys didn't quite go for this look, unless it's Emma Watson, of course:

"The only way you can pull it off is if you are Emma Watson, because she can't do anything wrong."

"Hot and confident."

"I don't like them, but I do like Miley Cyrus's haircut."

"Looks very similar to my haircut...and I have impeccable taste." (Seriously, these guys crack me up.)

"They can be really hit or miss."

"This is one of the few trends i feel strongly about. the longer the hair the better!"

"You can't help but think, "I know it's a boy hair cut but it looks kinda hot."'

"I like them, but it depends on the person I think. Maggie and Emma are both cute as a button so they can pull it off."

 One last gigantic thanks to all of the guys who helped out with this!

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Thanks for reading! 
xo Catherine

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