Fashion Myths

January 15, 2014

There are all sorts of little fashion myths and "rules" that pop up over and over. But that's the thing about fashion, there aren't really any rules. You can go from wearing leather pants and a leopard coat one day to wearing practical snow boots the next. I thought it would be fun to debunk (what a totally ridiculous word) a few of these fashion myths once and for all. 

1. Black and brown can't be mixed.
I don't think anyone could argue that these boots aren't chic. I don't know how this "rule" started, but let's banish it, shall we? 

2. You can't wear white after Labor Day.
I think this has pretty much died out as a rule, but I thought I'd still address it. No white after Labor Day they say? Haven't they heard of Winter White? AKA, one of the hottest trends right now.

3. You can't wear color in the winter.
This one is completely false. Winter is the best time to wear color! I agree that it is our tendency to favor a more muted color palette in the winter. However, a bright pink bag, for example, is the perfect way to combat seasonal depression.

4. To be fashionable you sacrifice comfort.
Blair, arguably one of the most fashionable people on the planet, demonstrates the debunking of this myth perfectly. Hunter's (which we all know I love) are so comfortable, and yet they look so cute! There are tons of examples of chic and comfortable items. For example, if you'll notice, Blair is also wearing a sweatshirt in the above outfit. I will acknowledge that there are just as many items that we wear that are hideously uncomfortable. It's completely up to the wearer though: if you don't want to don 5 inch stilettos, no one's making you!

5. One must be put together to look chic.
I think we can all agree that Blake Lively is the queen of casual chic. Sometimes we may question when the last time she brushed her hair was, but she proves that you can still be stylish with minimal effort. This outfit is so simple: t-shirt + jean jacket + scarf. Could it be any easier? 

Are there any fashion "rules" you live by?

xo Catherine

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