January 23, 2014

Almost all of my friends are studying abroad right now, so my newsfeeds are jam packed with European adventures. I'll come right out and say it: I'm extremely jealous. I have a serious case of nostalgia for London, and a case of wanderlust for the places in Europe I haven't been. 

After seeing this picture, I don't think you can honestly tell me you don't want to be roaming these streets.


I would love to go explore Dublin and the cute fishing towns along the Irish coast. I also wouldn't say no to shopping for some Irish fisherman sweaters :)

I'm dreaming of going to a cute German town where all of the buildings look like this.


Seeing pictures of friends in London makes me want to run back to this wonderful city.

I've always dreamed of going to Europe in the winter, I think it would be so beautiful and romantic. Of course when I'm dreaming about it, I'm also picturing what I would wear:

Jeans: J. Crew. Jacket: Barbour. Scarf: J. Crew. Tote: Old Navy. Boots: Hunter. Umbrella: Kate Spade.

This look would be perfect for strolling the snowy/rainy European streets. A girl can dream, right?

xo Catherine 


  1. Yeah girl.... that's tough! I studied abroad my second semester of sophomore year, so before a lot of my friends did. then when they all studied abroad it was horrible because I missed being abroad so much + saw all their amazing times there!

    Are you going to study abroad?! Or have you?! Just make sure you keep traveling and plan a trip! I haven't been back to Europe now for 1.5 years and honestly it feels like too long. I want to plan a trip to London or Paris soon because my boyfriend has never been out of the country!

  2. I studied in London last summer and that feels like forever ago! I'll be so jealous if you and your boyfriend go to London and Paris. So romantic!


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