October 13, 2014

Scarf: Zara (similar). Vest: Old Navy. Sweater: J. Crew. Jeans: Banana Republic. Socks: J. Crew. Boots: L.L. Bean

I had a blast shooting these pictures by the Mississippi on Friday. That's what happens when you bring your friends along and they help style and pose you ;)

This weekend was pretty much insane. Had coffee with a friend from high school (love when you haven't seen someone in a long time, but you can just pick back up!), had dinner with my mom and sister, saw Gone Girl, volunteered at the ALS Superhero Dash, dressed up as a zombie and participated in the world's biggest zombie pub crawl. Phew, I'm exhausted all over again just from typing all of that. Now it's on to more studying for midterms :(

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

xo Catherine

I'll leave you with a little zombie action...


  1. Really cute! Everything about this outfit works so well together :)

    xo, Rochana | thatsaskgirl.ca

  2. I LOVE the scarf and vest combo!! Perfect for these Minnesota fall days!


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