Room Updates (Part II)

October 2, 2014

Today I'm sharing Part II of my room updates!

Bookshelf: Ikea

Prints: from Paris. 

Vase: thrifted (similar). 

Gold plates: Home Goods. 

Gold jewelry tray: Target. 

Donut mug: Paper Source

My room is too small for a desk, so it's across the hall in a little nook. 

C Mug: Anthropologie. Gold letter sorter: Target

Letter tray: Target. Lamp: Target

Desk: Ikea

Using these Ikea nesting boxes as my "drawers." one//two//three

Canvas is from London. 

xo Catherine

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  1. So cute! I can't wait to be able to set up a desk. Right now I don't have one. I literally blog on my couch and it's the worst because I get easily distracted. I love this desk, I am also thinking of getting a white desk!

    1. Thanks Rachel! It really does make all the difference!


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