Keeping it Simple

November 10, 2014

Jacket: J. Crew (this year's version). Sweater: Old Navy (similar). Scarf: Zara. Faux leather pants: Forever 21. Purse: Forever 21 (similar). Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar). 

There's nothing extraordinary about this outfit. It's mostly basics with some different textures thrown in to make it interesting. There is nothing wrong with simple though! Sometimes you just need a simple outfit that works with minimal effort. 

How was your weekend? I went home so that my mom could take care of me :) I know, time to grow up Catherine. Oh well. I'm finally starting to feel better after a pretty rough week. Can't wait till I'm back at 100%. With school and work I don't have time to be sick!

xo Catherine 

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