Holiday Party Attire

November 11, 2014

I know some of you may be thinking it's a little early for this post, and you're not wrong. However, a combination of getting a few inches of snow yesterday and my love of planning ahead lead me to create this post. Personally, I start thinking about what I want to wear for holiday parties any time after Halloween (it's the type A in me), so I thought I would share a fun round-up of what's been catching my eye. A lot of fun, holiday items (especially anything sequined) will sell out the closer we get to Christmas, so it's never too early to start planning! Personally, I bought this sequined top in black and am planning an outfit around it. I also just bought this gold dress for a wedding after New Years! After Thanksgiving (yes, I have some sense of control) I'll be showing you a few different holiday styles that I plan on wearing this year. Can't wait!

xo Catherine 

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