Casual Rainy Day

March 30, 2015

Trench coat: Calvin Klein (similar). Blouse: Ann Taylor. Jeans: J. Crew Factory. Rain flats: Chooka. Purse: Coach

This is a super simple outfit that I wore over the weekend for brunch when it was very rainy and windy (I was lucky to get these pictures taken). I think that trench coats are the secret to looking pulled together. A trench automatically takes whatever you're wearing up a notch and polishes it off. This is the trench coat I was just telling you guys about that I wore every day in London and am so sick of. I still wear it a ton though because it goes with everything and makes me feel like I've got it together. On a totally unrelated note, I'm so excited it's warm enough for distressed denim again! I wore this pair every day this weekend because I love them so much and I can't wear them during the week to work, so I have to get my fix on the weekend.

Anyways, my weekend was jam-packed. I spent basically the whole weekend with friends. I would say that's pretty much my definition of a perfect weekend!

xo Catherine


  1. Rain flats?! I absolutely need these for spring! So cute. I love the simplicity yet chicness of this outfit!

  2. There are such things as rain flats? That is so brilliant!


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