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June 12, 2015

Hello and happy Friday! I just wanted to check in with a few little life updates. If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen most of these. The above picture is our bedroom and I'm so in love :) I'm really liking how the apartment is coming along. I'm hoping to have it "finished" soon so I can share pictures!

It's my birthday on Monday so Mark and I are celebrating this weekend. I want to go out for brunch and then to the beach :) you can follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (@myinnerfabulous).

This picture was taken when my mom and I were in Los Gatos last week exploring. My mom drove the 30 hours across country with me and then stayed for a few days to help me get settled because she's the best :) She's been gone for over a week now and I'm already having family withdrawals. For the most part I'm really happy to be here, but I have my bad days too.

Our apartment has a pool, so I'm having fun enjoying that. Don't worry, I'm not just lounging, I'm job hunting too!

I know it's super cliche as a blogger to post pictures of peonies, but you have to agree that they sure are pretty! I wanted to take advantage of peony season so I bought some pretties to go in our new center piece for our kitchen table!

Well, there you have it! There's not a whole lot going on in my life right now. I'm basically spending all of my time job hunting and decorating the apartment. Can't complain though!

Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Catherine 

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