California: One Month Update

July 1, 2015

I have officially been living in California for a little over a month, so I wanted to share a few updates about my time here so far! 

Favorite thing about California:
So far my favorite thing would definitely have to be all of the natural beauty. The drive in from Nevada was gorgeous (the Tahoe area), the mountains that we live near are stunning, and the beaches are amazing. There are so many interesting and beautiful places to visit that are only a couple hours away from us. 

Weirdest thing about California:
The weather does not affect what people wear. It could be 75 degrees and you will see people in both Uggs and shorts (you better believe I fall into the shorts category!). So strange. Also, the weather does not change from day to day. You can look at the ten day forecast, and it's virtually the same every single day. I'm starting to miss the rain! Speaking of which, the drought is no joke. Coming from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, water and rain is not something I often thought about. However, I'm constantly reminded of the drought by lakes that are drying up, restaurants only serving water if you ask for it, and signs about conservation on the side of the road. 

Favorite Place we've been:
We went to Panther beach (the first picture) a few weeks ago and it was actually breathtaking. 

Things that are different from Minnesota:
In Minnesota you get ten cents off if you bring your own bag shopping with you. In California, you have to pay ten cents if you want a bag, and plastic is not an option. 

Drivers are quick to honk. "Minnesota Nice" is so real when it comes to driving. People in Minnesota would wait a full 30 seconds before honking for someone to go at a green light, which can actually be annoying. I've been honked at the second that the light turns here.

There are so many people. I mean, I knew this was a desirable place to live, but for being so spread out (unlike NYC, or SF) it's packed with people. Highways can be up to five lanes wide, restaurants are always busy, you always have to sit next to someone at movie theaters, etc. 

Earthquakes: another thing I never had to think about, but you hear people casually mention. Most people I've talked to don't have much experience with lightening or tornadoes though.

On my well being:
I was really nervous to move here. I love Minneapolis and Minnesota and my friends and family. I was very hesitant to leave, but ultimately decided I was over long-distance. So far I'm handling it a lot better than I thought I would. I am a naturally anxious person, but I haven't had any big issues. So far I'm having a really good time :)

I'll be taking Friday off for the holiday, so I'll see you back here on Monday!

xo Catherine 

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