The 2016 Project Update Two

July 8, 2016

Well damn it's already Q3 folks! Time for round two of The 2016 Project updates on months April-June. It's actually insanity that we're halfway through the year, and that I've kept up with my resolutions for this long. I can tell you that's never happened. Pretty proud of myself actually, but I had a feeling that blogging about it would definitely hold me accountable. 

April: go somewhere new. Okay, so I kind of failed at this one. But it wasn't a total fail. I never really went anywhere with the intention of it being counted as my April resolution, but I did go to new restaurants, parks and a new state. I think my original plan was to do something grander than those things, but there just wasn't enough time.

May: drink lemon water every morning. If you're interested in a full review of the lemon water thing you can read my post here. In short, I hated it, like irrationally so. I didn't really believe in it from the beginning so I don't think I ever expected it to stick, but now I can say I've tried it.

June: take a class. This was one of the ones I was most excited about and it did not disappoint. My friend Taryn and I took a croissant making class at Sur la Table and it was actually amazing. 1. It was really fun to learn how to bake something I would probably never otherwise make, and 2. We went home with a dozen delicious croissants. Probably the best I've ever had ;) this will definitely be something I want to do again. I really want to take a knife skills class because it's something I could definitely use some improvement on, but it wasn't as exciting as croissants. Hopefully soon!

You can keep up with all 2016 Project updates here if you'd like! If you've been following along since the beginning you may notice I made a few rearrangements, but nothing too drastic. Would love to know if you set a New Year's resolution and how it's going if you did!

xo Catherine 

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