How to Wear Black During the Summer

July 13, 2016

If you're anything like me you reserve darker colors for the winter months. I honestly don't know why or where the association with certain seasons came from, but I want to try wearing more black during the summer. I don't have a huge amount of black in my wardrobe to begin with, but I feel like the chicest women are always donning black year round. So join me in my quest to be like them and wear black even during the summer! Here's how:

Opt for items that are made out of lighter materials like linen or denim. I think the easiest way to make black summery is via material. You wouldn't wear linen during the winter, so that alone makes it perfect for the hotter months!

Accessorize with black! Another great way to incorporate the darker hue is with summer accessories like a straw tote or strappy sandals.

Wear summery patterns in black. There are certain patterns like gingham or floral that are usually reserved for summertime, so that's another great way to look chic and summery all at once.

Don't wear all black. Yes, I agree that all black is no-fuss and pretty much always chic, but for summer I'd have to argue that you need at least one other color thrown into the mix. It doesn't have to be a vibrant hue, it could just be white, cognac, or even denim but all black is a little too heavy for summer. You'll thank me when you're in the sun!
xo Catherine 

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