Frosé Recipe

August 26, 2016

Today's post is a good one! I love Grace's blog and was very intrigued when she posted a frosé recipe last week. I've been on such a rosé kick lately (because summer, #duh) and knew I had to give this recipe a try, although I did a little adapting. 
-1 bottle of rosé - I used a bottle that was mostly full that I didn't really like because it was too sweet. I thought it would be perfect for a mixed drink though!
-1 cup of raspberries - Grace made hers with strawberries, but I'm allergic, so I made a swap. I also used frozen berries to speed up the freezing process
-A spoonful of sugar (really depends on however sweet you want to make it)
-2 oz. vermouth, optional - Grace used 3 oz, but I knew I didn't want it that strong. Honestly next time I'd either skip it or use something like St. Germain 
-1 oz water
-1 gallon ziplock bag
-A bowl or container to set the bag in inside the freezer
Literally I just blended everything together, put it into the ziplock in the bowl in the freezer, waited an hour and served! Simple as that and you have a delicious end of summer treat!

Hope you can enjoy this or something else that's fabulous this weekend!
xo Catherine

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