How to Prepare the Perfect Wine and Cheese Night

August 10, 2016

I had a girlfriend over on Saturday and decided to put together a little wine and cheese spread because that's my favorite kind of dinner and Mark doesn't think it counts as dinner so I have to do it when he's gone! Anyway as I was laying it out I spontaneously decided to snap some pictures for a blog post. I think it still looks pretty nice but if I'd planned on taking pictures I would have picked a cuter knife for the cheese and actually remembered to put out the wine for pictures ;) Here are my tips for creating the perfect spread:
1. Have at least two different meats and cheeses so there's something for everyone. I like to go with a spreadable cheese like brie or goat, and a hard cheese like an aged cheddar. And for meat I pretty much always go with salami, and for a second I think prosciutto, or some kind of ham, is a good choice. 
2. Fruit! I think that any fruit goes well with cheese, but berries are especially delish.

3. Grab a fresh baguette. I cut mine up and popped it into the oven so we had freshly toasted baguette and it was nothing short of amazing. I also had crackers so you could pick your carb poison.
4. Veggies too! I feel like veggies are excluded from cheese platters a lot, but I think that some veggies and hummus are essential and then you can feel a little less guilty about all the cheese and bread you consume :)

5. And finally finish with chocolate. I'm a chocolate fiend and don't think it counts as dessert if there's no chocolate, so this had to be included in my list! I had some brownies from the day before that I added to the spread because wine and cheese need to be rounded out with the magic that is chocolate. It's just a fact.

What are your favorite items to include in a wine and cheese spread?

xo Catherine 


  1. Another good piece of advice is to let your cheese come up to room temperature before serving. It brings out the cheesy flavor better

    1. I never knew that! I'll have to give it a try next time I have a wine and cheese night!


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