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September 14, 2016

We're in full-on wedding planning mode over here. Okay, so maybe I'm a little more into it than Mark is ;) give me all of the bridal magazines and pinterest boards😍. I'm gathering up all of the inspiration right now trying to decide what kind of vibe we should go for as we're selecting the venue, colors, etc. We're aiming for October of 2017 in the Twin Cities. I'm torn between wanting to acknowledge the season via our colors, decorations, etc. and also not wanting to ram it down people's throats that we're getting married in the fall. I also want to have fun personal touches, but not have my wedding look like every pinterest idea you've ever seen combined into one event. It's a fine line to walk. Anyway, here are some images that are inspiring me right now and giving me all of the WeDdiNG viBezZ.

Love the soft grey dresses. I'm leaning toward a pretty neutral palette. 

This is serious #flowergoals and has me feeling like I need to recreate this :) 

I kind of love the idea of different bridesmaids dresses in a similar color palette so they can wear something that suits them best and they actually like. 

I think white flowers with some greenery are so stunning and simple. 

I love the idea of neutrals, but also really love the idea of a beautiful eggplant color as well. So hard to decide!

We already saw #flowergoals so now here's #cakegoals!

Who wouldn't want a champagne tower at their wedding?

Pretty much zero decisions can be made until we have a venue and date locked down, which will hopefully happen in the next two weeks, but I'm still having a ball trying to figure everything out!

xo Catherine 

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