September 16, 2016

Jacket: Target. Sweater: J. Crew Factory (similar). Jeans: Gap. Shoes: Banana Republic (similar). Purse: Kate Spade
The perfect outfit for a Friday, no? And thank god it is Friday. No idea why but I was so messed up on my days this week which made it feel extra long; albeit long, it was a good week. Mark and I celebrated our eight year anniversary on Wednesday. How crazy is that? We kind of forgot about it in all the excitement over getting engaged so it was very laid back. We drank champagne and made pizzas because we're all about the pizza over here. The rest of the week was pretty normal though, and it's seeming like this weekend will be much of the same thing. I'm craving a lazy and cozy weekend of reading and binge watching Narcos, but the constant California sunshine makes me feel guilty when I'm holed up inside. Can we get a little rain up in here? One last thing about the outfit: this is actually what I was wearing when Mark proposed! I gave him a hard time that he couldn't let me put something nice on and that it ended up being a super casual outfit that I'll remember forever. Oh well :) The outfit may be kind of simple, but it's a regular around here and the layers and rich color combinations give it just enough visual interest to be simple but not boring. 

That's all folks, have a good weekend!
xo Catherine 

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